Monday, October 31, 2011

Factoidz: How To Party Like A Rock Star

Let's be honest. Everyone wants to party like a rock star. Now that Halloween is here and everyone is about to go out and party like maniacs, I hope this article will help you out. Here is my new how-to article entitled "How To Party Like A Rock Star".

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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Homeless Man That Scammed Me Has Been Found

Two years ago, I was leaving a cafe after getting some work done. Before leaving, I bought a fortune cookie that read once I opened it.

You will receive an unusual proposition

One block away from this cafe, I ran into this homeless man with two luggage bags next to him. He stopped me instantly, saying he wanted to talk to me. He wasn't asking for any money. He just wanted to talk to someone. For me being so young and slightly delusional, I sat there next to him and listened to his story. 

It was then that he started talking to me about this place he needed to be. He was saying that he was tired of being homeless and he was ready to turn his life around. He found this job that is near his family in another state. It would be a perfect working condition for him. While he has a roof over his head at his family's place, he could go work, so that he could show them that he's not bluffing.

As I'm listening to his story, I began to believe in everything. He was being very honest. I didn't assume he was lying. If I knew he was lying, I would've caught it right away. I read crime and detective novels. I've learned how people can give themselves away. There were a few moments when I told a random individual "You don't have to go to law school. Just watch Law & Order.

Later on, he told me that needed money to get on this bus that will take him to this family that leaves in another state. He got me so wrapped up in emotions I believed him and gave him $60 of my own money, so that he could get on this bus, and go back home.  I walked away feeling incredibly humble. I was actually going to save this man from poverty.
Fast forward two years later.

I am walking out of the general store. I know this awesome store that you could get two pieces of chicken for only a dollar. That's a huge deal and the chicken over there taste good. I looked over and there was the homeless man I met two years ago. He still had those luggage bags I saw him with before. The moment I saw him, I wanted to beat the living daylights out of him. He scammed me out of money and still scamming others.

He saw me heading towards my bike and stopped me. He said he felt like he knew me. I already knew that was going to happen. After all, we haven't seen each other in two years. I told him I didn't know. Then he started telling his story all over again. Five seconds into the conversation, I gave him a quarter and ended it right there. I don't care if it was rude. That's what he deserved for scamming me.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Stand Up Comedy and Lightning Bolts

 A friend of mine emailed me on Facebook about performing stand up comedy at this that was about one hour away by bike. It holds this open mic every Wednesday. I didn't care about the traveling thing. The good news was that I found a place where I could finally perform some of my material.

I rode all the way up there and found the bar I was performing at across the street from a power plant. I have never been that close to a power plant before. It was a little weird. I looked up in the sky and there I saw clouds beginning to come together. The news warned us minutes before I left the house that we were going to have a short rain with a little bit of thunder and lightning. For most people that know me, I'm scared of lightning. I can't help it. The second I see a lightning in front of me, my first thought is to get into a beetle position.

During the time I wasn't worrying about the storm, I was just focused on giving a good performance. I signed my name on the list and I was scheduled to perform in one hour. While I was watching the others perform, I noticed lots of lightning strikes coming out the window. It looked as if a light was being turned on and off.

I reminded myself that I was right next to a power plant. Lightning strikes there numerous times in order to store energy for the planet. So the fact that I was that close to lightning striking frightened me. I did my performance and got out of there immediately. I didn't care about the audience's reactions at that point. I just wanted to get that heck out of there.

I ran outside and there I saw lightning striking constantly. My own two eyes was looking at a large number of lightning bolts strike this plant. Each strike petrified me. I was so scared. I wanted to run to my bike, but my fear of lightning trapped me. I remained there for another hours, waiting for the lightning to strike.

Still to this day, I have never returned to that bar to perform stand up comedy again.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Let Me Act Drunk!

The one thing about my hometown New Orleans is that they allow you to be as drunk as you can be. You can walk on Bourbon Street and be as crazy as you want to. Drinking is an unusual activity in this city. It's sort of crazy, but that's the way we roll. So one night, I decided to use it to my advantage.

One night, I was hanging out with a friend I just made two days prior to my plan. We had been hanging out for quite a while now. The second we met each other, we both felt like we made a friend that can truly handle the 
both of us. Let's call him Gary.

We were hanging around in his apartment, watching Disney Channel and animated movies. It's a habit he's trying to break. I got over Disney Channel, but he hasn't yet. It's the one thing about him that I tolerate. I was over in Gary's kitchen making some snacks. Whenever I get bored over something, I don't complain about it. I go to the kitchen and create something. It's the only emergency I have to keep me from getting bored.

Gary entered the kitchen and saw me cooking.

"I thought we were going to order take-out," said Gary.

"We never talked about that," I said.

"I thought I did. Well since you're cooking, let's go to Rouses and get some ingredients."

"Sounds like fun."

We left the apartment and headed over to Rouses, which was only a few blocks away. It was a Thursday night. 

What some people don't know is that Thursday night down here is the new Friday night. Every time I'm in the middle of the city on Thursday night, it's a crazy party. Gary and I had to go past a group of people that was already messed up. Some had a few too many drinks and were going off in the middle of the street. Good thing there were no cars around. There are few streets that are only used for walking, and that's where the craziness was going on.

Midway to the store, I came up with this crazy idea. I wanted to have to fun with the people around the two of us. 

So I whispered to Gary "Why don't I act drunk?"

Gary looked puzzled at first.

"What do you mean?"

"Let me act drunk! You carry me and people will be staring at us all night."

It didn't take long for Gary to agree with my plan. Before you know it, Gary had me on his back while I was pretending to be asleep. Instantly, people were pointing fingers at us. They couldn't stop staring. We weren't being laughed at. As a matter of fact, we were embraced with positivity.

They were shouting stuff like "Is he all partied out?" or "That's how drunk people do it in New Orleans." My favorite one was when 80% of the people staring at us shouted "YESSSSSS!"

I knew that was going to happen. That's why I did it. Gary and I finally arrived at Rouses and we laughed our way inside. We accomplished another crazy plan and we got critical praise for it from the public.

Music Video- Rihanna "We Found Love"

Rihanna is definitely going into another direction with her music, and I am loving every minute of it. In the beginning, I wasn't feeling the fact that she had another album coming out. Not because I don't like her music. I love her music. I am a huge Rihanna fan.

The reason why is because I'm slightly worried about her health. She is still on Loud tour, which doesn't end until December, and her new album comes out next month. I love the fact that she has new music out, but I hope she doesn't end up exhausted. We love our music artists but we must remember they are human beings at the end of the day, and they need their rest as well.

I finally got a chance to see the video and I was stunned. I just had to watch the video again. She has brought this song into another direction. I liked the song in the beginning, but now I'm listening to the song in a different way now.

In the video, she is telling the story of an up and down relationship. In the beginning, she and her boyfriend are happily in love. They are having a wonderful time together. Then it goes downhill under the influence of drugs and alcohol. You begin to see this relationship tear apart before Rihanna finally leaves her boyfriend.

This is her best video to date in my mind. Can't no video of hers top this one. It's extremely raw and personal. You can tell this video comes from the heart. I have watched this video for the third time and I am going to watch it again after writing this review.

Talk That Talk comes out November 18 and I look forward to getting it. You can watch the video below.

Rihanna on WhoSay

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Helping A Friend's Sex Addiction Gone Wrong

A friend of mine admitted to me the other day that he is a sex addict. He thinks about it all the time, and he can't wait to act it out all the time. I sometimes feel bad for his girlfriend. Robert is a commitment type of person. He never cheats, but he always wanted to date a freak due to his sexual addiction. Even though his girlfriend is someone like that, Robert is ten times worse than her. 

There are moments when I think when they have sex, Robert tosses her across the room, thereby causing minor injuries. Scary, isn't it?

One day, while we were hanging out at his office where he works at, his addiction caught the best of him on this particular day.

"I need help," said Robert.

"What's wrong with you?" I asked.

"I can't stop thinking about sex right now. It's gone crazy. I don't get off work until another three hours. I need you to help me control it."

To be honest, I wanted to run away. I don't know how to help someone control their sexual addiction. I love sex, but it doesn't take over my head. Robert was thinking about it all the time on this particular day. Before I arrived at his office, he admitted to watching two hours of pornography on his iPhone. So there I was in a position that I didn't know how to hold together.

I managed to keep him together for two hours. I made him think about Family Guy and drink lots of water. Then there came the final hour. All hell broke lose in that hour.

Female co-workers with big butts were walking around his office like a maniac. Every time he saw their butts, he thought about how much we wanted to tear his girlfriend up. I went into my pocket and tried to make him calm down by chewing gum. I accidentally took out one of my mini bottles of lotion and it made it worse for him.

Finally, it was time to go. Robert packed up as fast as he could. Before I ran away he told me "I'mma tear my girlfriend's ass up. If she gets hurt, I'm blaming it all on you."

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Addict Of Fiction: Can Riku Carry A Kingdom Hearts Game On His Own?

When it comes to picking my favorite role-playing games, Final Fantasy will forever and always top my list. I will say though that Kingdom Hearts is in the top five. I love this franchise. I can never get enough of it. I am playing “Kingdom Hearts II” right now, and it still feels like I played it for the first time in my life.

Sora is a lovely character in the series. I don’t know, but there is something about him that intrigues me. Whenever I turn the game on, I feel excited continuing Sora’s adventures. Not only that, but I grew up around Disney movies. I know every character in this game. I have so many memories sharing my life with each of these characters. Donald, Goofy, Aladdin, Belle, The Beast, Hercules, Chip and Dale, Mickey Mouse, and the list goes on and on when it comes to this game.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Web Series- The Boys Who Brunch Epi. 7 (Season Finale)

Say it ain't so?
The season finale of The Boys Who Brunch is already here. I am totally shocked that it's here. I feel like I'm just getting to know these characters. I love each of their stories and they are all funny in their own way. I love this series and I hope more will come.

I have seen the final episode and I was completely shocked when I saw the ending. For everyone who has been faithfully watching this series, you will be speechless once they watch the ending. I am not going to reveal anything, but I will say it will shock you.

Below is the final episode. I hate saying that word right now. Enjoy the episode below. Now if you'll excuse, I am going to have myself a good cry. *sigh*

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Addict of Ficion: Is Daxter Annoying Or Lovely?

Some days ago, I was thinking about the Jak and Daxter series. This is one of my favorite game franchises of all time. It’s so original and incredibly unique. I can replay the games all over again and still get the first feeling I felt playing it for the first time. Every character is so original in their own way. I don’t know what the crew of Naughty Dog were thinking when they were creating this franchise, but I love it.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Didn't Understand Tron

I know there are millions of geeks and science fiction fans that are going to mentally kick me in the ass right now. My web is going to go into a crazy frenzy once I make this confession.

Months ago, I finally sat down on the couch and watched the cult classic science fiction film Tron. I have become a huge fan of Jeff Bridges during the last couple of years. When I found out that played the lead role in the film I considered it a perfect opportunity to see it. This film kept calling me for years. Growing up, I would see at least one commercial a year about this movie. It was like this movie was having a rerelease every year.

Now there I was, months before my 20th birthday, and I finally got the chance to see this film. I sat there on the couch with popcorn and cherry Coke. I was so excited to finally see this cult classic. Then by the end of the film, I had this large frown on my face.

The story was amazing. Jeff Bridges and the rest of the cast did an amazing job with their acting. However, the entire film looked like it dragged on for a long time. I couldn't understand what they were saying. The dialogue was completely confusing. I want to call to the screenwriter and ask them what they were thinking when they wrote the dialogue. I guess I'm not that much of a science fiction fan if I didn't know what they meant. 

Don't kill me everyone. I am still a fan of science fiction. This is just one those movies I didn't understand. My apologies.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Future Forward| Is Your Cousin Your Secret Gay Lover?

I can't tell you how many times I've heard this before. I don't think I'm the only person who's heard this thing. This one thing that's supposed to be a secret has become this thing that can turn into a popular Facebook topic if you want it to.

When it comes to the gay community, do you ever run into those two men that appear to be a little bit more closer than they say they are. One of those men say that the other one is his cousin. In the beginning, you kind of go with it. Then you pay attention to the way they are interacting with each other. If you are very observant over everything, you already know that something is not right. You've seen the way relatives are close to each other, and the way these two individuals are interacting with each other doesn't appear to be blood related.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Teeth Surgery Gone Wrong

The one thing that I am forever excited for is the fact that after nine years, my braces are finally gone. I know it's been a year since they were removed, but I'm still excited. The thing I had to go through with those braces will be remembered forever. This story I believe truly stands out.

One day when I was at the orthodontist, the dentist found a tooth deep inside of my gums. There was no way it was going to grow because I had more than enough teeth in my mouth. So they made the decision that I had to get them removed. The only way that they could be removed was through teeth surgery. They had to go deep inside my gums and remove that tooth. A regular dentist wouldn't be able to do it. 

I was already feeling nervous at that point. I have never been in surgery before and here I was going under the knife. I didn't freak out that much, but I sure was scared going to the office.

Two weeks later, we finally made it to the place where my teeth surgery was going to be performed. I sat there in the cold waiting room with my legs shaking uncontrollably. Everyone looking at me could tell I was a rookie from the way I was shaking. The dentist called us fifteen minutes later and surgery began.

The dentist was clever to use anesthesia before surgery began. If they weren't going to use it, I would be jumping across the room in pain, kicking everyone across the room. The entire room would look like a scene from a traditional screwball comedy film. 

An hour later, the surgery was finally done. I woke up feeling completely drowsy. I couldn't even walk. They had to bring me downstairs in a wheelchair and carry me to the taxi cab. I was asleep for seven hours straight. It helped me pick up on some sleep since I was only sleeping six hours a day during school hours.
Fast forward two months later. I am going to the orthodontist for another check up. Once they examined my teeth, that's when they realized that they made a mistake. It turns out that there was another tooth found inside of my gums. Due to the mistake, I had to go to teeth surgery all over again, which cost more money, and more anesthesia.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Coach Payne Wanted To Kill Me

Growing up, I was an incredibly athletic person. My second career choice when I was a kid was to be a professional athlete. Before I decided to go after my true dreams in the performing arts, I was strictly focused on being as good as an athlete as I could be. I ended up learning how to play eight different sports in the process. Of course, it didn't work out in the end. I wasn't getting taller, which tanked my professional athlete aspirations.

During the time though, I joined my middle school track team. Track along with tennis were my top two favorite sports. Walking and jogging are still to this day hobbies of mine. I like walking around the city and my body gets in shape in the process.

My track coach (let's call him Coach Payne) pushed us to the max. He didn't care if we were short, thin, or even both. He saw potential in all fifteen of us and he was going to make sure that we were going to meet his expectations. This potential he predicted led to a daily brutal workout regiment. We were stretching like maniacs. I'm sure a few of us would have learned how to do a split in the end. We would jog around the yard, just to get our legs ready. There were tiny moments when we would race each other in order to show how far we improved.

One day during practice, he decided to take it to the next level. He gathered us together outside the front yard in the our shorts with the sun shining on us like a rod.

"This is what we're going to do," said Coach Payne."You guys have done amazingly well. I am proud of everything you have accomplished for the past two months. But today, I've decided to do something a little different. I want you guys to give me 10 laps around this entire school. It's one good way to know you guys are not slacking off. A true athlete wouldn't be tired after ten."

Our school was as wide as the Louisiana Superdome if it was medium sized. Just one run around that place would wear a person out, especially when you are short and thin as I was. There were no excuses. Five seconds, we were jogging around the school like a few runaways. I can't explain to you guys what I was going through. My body was going through so much pain and sweat, I thought I wasn't going to make it. My heart tried to make a few attempts to exit my body, and every time I was down and out, Coach Payne would come to me and say "Keep running you deserted maggot" like we were in the military.

Finally, we were done. I fell to the ground, trying to give my body a rest.

Suddenly, Coach Payne comes over to me and said "That was awesome. Now stand up and get on the bus. We have to go to the game in one hour."

As for what happened to me at the track game competition? I don't know if I want to write about that.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Last Day With The Brand Innit

Today is officially the last day I am working with the brand Innit (Innovations In Transportation, Inc.) at this year's EXPO, which was held at the convention center. I have to say that I had an amazing time. I made some brand new friends that I hope to work with in the future, and we appeared to have brought a whole bunch of comedy and positivity to the event.

EXPO 2011 was an event that was showing off the new brand of transportation systems that is going to be presented to the world in the coming months or years. These vehicles included rta buses, air trains, cable car, tour buses, etc. They had almost every bus brand at in that building. If you were standing outside the convention center, you would have no idea what is going on in there.

Our duties were to promote the brand by wearing our shirts and staying in a line. When the five of us are together, the word "Innit" is spelled on the shirts, thereby representing the brand. It was also include the location of the booth if they wanted to know more about the brand.

We photographed ourselves T-shirt in a variety of ways. We posed in different ways at different locations within the conference. Some of them were on buses and some were at bars, billboards, paintings, etc. I saw the pictures and they turned out amazing.

Everyone working there noticed what we were doing, and were amazed at our creativity. To be honest, I saw that we were the only people at the center doing what we were doing. Everyone asked what we were doing and wanted to take pictures of us (from our backs of course). It felt amazing to be a stand out at the entire center. It means that what we were doing will be memorable.

Below are a few of them if you want to check it out. But still, I had an amazing time with them and it will lead to future gigs working with different brands.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My 10 Minutes With Nicholas Cage

This is a story that I've kept to myself for quite some time. I have met a whole bunch of stars as I'm getting older. I've done work as an extra on movies and television sets for almost two years now. So I am now used to meeting stars nowadays. The one thing about New Orleans is that we truly treat stars like everyday people. There is never paparazzi here and the stars are just wandering around nicely. 

Of all the stars I've met, there is one moment I had with a star that really stood out to me. It's the ten minutes I had with Academy award winner Nicholas Cage.

Two years ago, I was a background actor on the set of the thriller Seeking Justice, which was originally called The Hungry Rabbit Jumps. I have to say it was the first time that I was ever a background actor on a movie. I was so excited, I didn't sleep the night before. It's a crazy habit to this day that I am trying to break. Whenever something big is happening the next day, I won't sleep the night before. 

I arrived on set and they got us to work an hour later after filling out some last minute paperwork. While filming a few scenes, I happened to notice an old friend of mine on the set. We haven't seen each other in two years. It felt like a wonderful reunion between the two of us. At first, I didn't know Nicholas Cage was starring in the movie until I saw him standing right next to me after one take.

I was shocked at first, but I held it in.

One scene we shot was one in a classroom. I was playing one of the students sitting in the middle. I wrote down some stuff to make it look like I was truly writing during the take. Honestly, I was actually writing an idea for a new How-To article that I later published.

During the middle of a little break, I was looking over at the crew, watching them turn the set around, so that they could film from another angel. I am very observant when it comes to things. It was hard for me to not resist looking at them. Weird, I know! While I was looking at the crew, I felt something staring at me really hard on the left side of my cheek. I didn't even have to shift my head to the right. You could just feel. I slightly moved my eyeball to the right and there I saw Nicholas Cage staring right at me. He just stood there with nothing going on, and just decided to start staring at me.

It was very unusual, but I allowed it. He ended up staring at me for ten minutes. I know it was ten minutes because I checked my phone ten minutes before I saw him doing it. If he was ever reading this post, I don't think he would remember doing that, but I remember it very clearly.

Once he left the room for a second, I leaned over towards one of the other extras and asked her "Why was Nicholas Cage staring at me for ten minutes?"

She leaned over to my shoulder and said "Because you were the only person not staring at him."

Monday, October 3, 2011

Check Your Website?

I am a very patient person, but there are some things that people say that can really push a button.

One day, I was volunteering for a friend of mine at this marketing agency he works at. I had nothing going on that day and he needed my help. I accepted his offer in a second. I am one of those people that gets bored easily when there is nothing going on. The only thing that keeps me from feeling completely bored is by playing video games. I am a video game addict, especially when it comes to action-adventure and role-playing games. But I played every single game I owned, and there were some boring shows on TV. 

To me, that phone call was a sign from God.

I arrived at the office and work began immediately. I was the secretary whose only job was to answer phone calls and take messages. Simple right? Not exactly. There are some people who dials the wrong number and automatically hangs up on you without saying a word. Those were one of a few things that would always upset me. If you dialed the wrong number, just tell me that you did instead of hanging up on me.

Then there are those who ask you too many questions. At first, they just want to know some of the basic things about where you're working at. All of a sudden, they want you to give them the entire encyclopedia about the location. It's insane. But there was this one phone call that stood out to me that day.

The phone rang minutes before it was time to close the place up.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Yes," she started. "I need to ask you a few questions about the location."


We went on and on for about ten minutes. She kept asking me a few things about the place. I told her that I was just volunteering and if you needed to find out about anything, you should go to the company's website.

"Thank you," she said. "I will do that."

She hung up the phone and that was it. Once the conversation was over, it was time to close up the place. My best friend was ready to leave. He was just waiting on me. While I was getting my things, he congratulated me from helping him out during that night. All of a sudden, the phone rang again. It wasn't a problem with me answering one more phone call.

"Hello," I answered.

"Hi, it's me again." I instantly knew from the voice that it was the female I spoke to minutes ago. "I just want to say that you might have to change your copyright year. It's 2011 and you're website says 2010. I don't know about you, but I would change that immediately. Goodbye!"

At that moment, I wanted to stalk her. I wanted to go over to her house and burn her phone to a crisp. I told her that I was a volunteer and she told me something random like that. I don't have access to the site's database. So what am I supposed to do with the website's copyright year. I didn't let it completely get to me. I wrote a note, walked away with my best friend, and continued on with my night. That phone call was a moment that I will remember forever. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Future Forward: Gays, Stop Going After Straights!

It's a subject that I don't think people are taking seriously. I am one of those openly gay men who is fighting to remove that stereotype people have about us, but I also believe that we as gay men need to work on ourselves. You have to admit that we have our own problems that we need to face sooner than later.

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