Sunday, October 16, 2011

Helping A Friend's Sex Addiction Gone Wrong

A friend of mine admitted to me the other day that he is a sex addict. He thinks about it all the time, and he can't wait to act it out all the time. I sometimes feel bad for his girlfriend. Robert is a commitment type of person. He never cheats, but he always wanted to date a freak due to his sexual addiction. Even though his girlfriend is someone like that, Robert is ten times worse than her. 

There are moments when I think when they have sex, Robert tosses her across the room, thereby causing minor injuries. Scary, isn't it?

One day, while we were hanging out at his office where he works at, his addiction caught the best of him on this particular day.

"I need help," said Robert.

"What's wrong with you?" I asked.

"I can't stop thinking about sex right now. It's gone crazy. I don't get off work until another three hours. I need you to help me control it."

To be honest, I wanted to run away. I don't know how to help someone control their sexual addiction. I love sex, but it doesn't take over my head. Robert was thinking about it all the time on this particular day. Before I arrived at his office, he admitted to watching two hours of pornography on his iPhone. So there I was in a position that I didn't know how to hold together.

I managed to keep him together for two hours. I made him think about Family Guy and drink lots of water. Then there came the final hour. All hell broke lose in that hour.

Female co-workers with big butts were walking around his office like a maniac. Every time he saw their butts, he thought about how much we wanted to tear his girlfriend up. I went into my pocket and tried to make him calm down by chewing gum. I accidentally took out one of my mini bottles of lotion and it made it worse for him.

Finally, it was time to go. Robert packed up as fast as he could. Before I ran away he told me "I'mma tear my girlfriend's ass up. If she gets hurt, I'm blaming it all on you."

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