Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My 10 Minutes With Nicholas Cage

This is a story that I've kept to myself for quite some time. I have met a whole bunch of stars as I'm getting older. I've done work as an extra on movies and television sets for almost two years now. So I am now used to meeting stars nowadays. The one thing about New Orleans is that we truly treat stars like everyday people. There is never paparazzi here and the stars are just wandering around nicely. 

Of all the stars I've met, there is one moment I had with a star that really stood out to me. It's the ten minutes I had with Academy award winner Nicholas Cage.

Two years ago, I was a background actor on the set of the thriller Seeking Justice, which was originally called The Hungry Rabbit Jumps. I have to say it was the first time that I was ever a background actor on a movie. I was so excited, I didn't sleep the night before. It's a crazy habit to this day that I am trying to break. Whenever something big is happening the next day, I won't sleep the night before. 

I arrived on set and they got us to work an hour later after filling out some last minute paperwork. While filming a few scenes, I happened to notice an old friend of mine on the set. We haven't seen each other in two years. It felt like a wonderful reunion between the two of us. At first, I didn't know Nicholas Cage was starring in the movie until I saw him standing right next to me after one take.

I was shocked at first, but I held it in.

One scene we shot was one in a classroom. I was playing one of the students sitting in the middle. I wrote down some stuff to make it look like I was truly writing during the take. Honestly, I was actually writing an idea for a new How-To article that I later published.

During the middle of a little break, I was looking over at the crew, watching them turn the set around, so that they could film from another angel. I am very observant when it comes to things. It was hard for me to not resist looking at them. Weird, I know! While I was looking at the crew, I felt something staring at me really hard on the left side of my cheek. I didn't even have to shift my head to the right. You could just feel. I slightly moved my eyeball to the right and there I saw Nicholas Cage staring right at me. He just stood there with nothing going on, and just decided to start staring at me.

It was very unusual, but I allowed it. He ended up staring at me for ten minutes. I know it was ten minutes because I checked my phone ten minutes before I saw him doing it. If he was ever reading this post, I don't think he would remember doing that, but I remember it very clearly.

Once he left the room for a second, I leaned over towards one of the other extras and asked her "Why was Nicholas Cage staring at me for ten minutes?"

She leaned over to my shoulder and said "Because you were the only person not staring at him."