Friday, October 21, 2011

Stand Up Comedy and Lightning Bolts

 A friend of mine emailed me on Facebook about performing stand up comedy at this that was about one hour away by bike. It holds this open mic every Wednesday. I didn't care about the traveling thing. The good news was that I found a place where I could finally perform some of my material.

I rode all the way up there and found the bar I was performing at across the street from a power plant. I have never been that close to a power plant before. It was a little weird. I looked up in the sky and there I saw clouds beginning to come together. The news warned us minutes before I left the house that we were going to have a short rain with a little bit of thunder and lightning. For most people that know me, I'm scared of lightning. I can't help it. The second I see a lightning in front of me, my first thought is to get into a beetle position.

During the time I wasn't worrying about the storm, I was just focused on giving a good performance. I signed my name on the list and I was scheduled to perform in one hour. While I was watching the others perform, I noticed lots of lightning strikes coming out the window. It looked as if a light was being turned on and off.

I reminded myself that I was right next to a power plant. Lightning strikes there numerous times in order to store energy for the planet. So the fact that I was that close to lightning striking frightened me. I did my performance and got out of there immediately. I didn't care about the audience's reactions at that point. I just wanted to get that heck out of there.

I ran outside and there I saw lightning striking constantly. My own two eyes was looking at a large number of lightning bolts strike this plant. Each strike petrified me. I was so scared. I wanted to run to my bike, but my fear of lightning trapped me. I remained there for another hours, waiting for the lightning to strike.

Still to this day, I have never returned to that bar to perform stand up comedy again.

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