Friday, October 7, 2011

Teeth Surgery Gone Wrong

The one thing that I am forever excited for is the fact that after nine years, my braces are finally gone. I know it's been a year since they were removed, but I'm still excited. The thing I had to go through with those braces will be remembered forever. This story I believe truly stands out.

One day when I was at the orthodontist, the dentist found a tooth deep inside of my gums. There was no way it was going to grow because I had more than enough teeth in my mouth. So they made the decision that I had to get them removed. The only way that they could be removed was through teeth surgery. They had to go deep inside my gums and remove that tooth. A regular dentist wouldn't be able to do it. 

I was already feeling nervous at that point. I have never been in surgery before and here I was going under the knife. I didn't freak out that much, but I sure was scared going to the office.

Two weeks later, we finally made it to the place where my teeth surgery was going to be performed. I sat there in the cold waiting room with my legs shaking uncontrollably. Everyone looking at me could tell I was a rookie from the way I was shaking. The dentist called us fifteen minutes later and surgery began.

The dentist was clever to use anesthesia before surgery began. If they weren't going to use it, I would be jumping across the room in pain, kicking everyone across the room. The entire room would look like a scene from a traditional screwball comedy film. 

An hour later, the surgery was finally done. I woke up feeling completely drowsy. I couldn't even walk. They had to bring me downstairs in a wheelchair and carry me to the taxi cab. I was asleep for seven hours straight. It helped me pick up on some sleep since I was only sleeping six hours a day during school hours.
Fast forward two months later. I am going to the orthodontist for another check up. Once they examined my teeth, that's when they realized that they made a mistake. It turns out that there was another tooth found inside of my gums. Due to the mistake, I had to go to teeth surgery all over again, which cost more money, and more anesthesia.

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