Monday, October 24, 2011

The Homeless Man That Scammed Me Has Been Found

Two years ago, I was leaving a cafe after getting some work done. Before leaving, I bought a fortune cookie that read once I opened it.

You will receive an unusual proposition

One block away from this cafe, I ran into this homeless man with two luggage bags next to him. He stopped me instantly, saying he wanted to talk to me. He wasn't asking for any money. He just wanted to talk to someone. For me being so young and slightly delusional, I sat there next to him and listened to his story. 

It was then that he started talking to me about this place he needed to be. He was saying that he was tired of being homeless and he was ready to turn his life around. He found this job that is near his family in another state. It would be a perfect working condition for him. While he has a roof over his head at his family's place, he could go work, so that he could show them that he's not bluffing.

As I'm listening to his story, I began to believe in everything. He was being very honest. I didn't assume he was lying. If I knew he was lying, I would've caught it right away. I read crime and detective novels. I've learned how people can give themselves away. There were a few moments when I told a random individual "You don't have to go to law school. Just watch Law & Order.

Later on, he told me that needed money to get on this bus that will take him to this family that leaves in another state. He got me so wrapped up in emotions I believed him and gave him $60 of my own money, so that he could get on this bus, and go back home.  I walked away feeling incredibly humble. I was actually going to save this man from poverty.
Fast forward two years later.

I am walking out of the general store. I know this awesome store that you could get two pieces of chicken for only a dollar. That's a huge deal and the chicken over there taste good. I looked over and there was the homeless man I met two years ago. He still had those luggage bags I saw him with before. The moment I saw him, I wanted to beat the living daylights out of him. He scammed me out of money and still scamming others.

He saw me heading towards my bike and stopped me. He said he felt like he knew me. I already knew that was going to happen. After all, we haven't seen each other in two years. I told him I didn't know. Then he started telling his story all over again. Five seconds into the conversation, I gave him a quarter and ended it right there. I don't care if it was rude. That's what he deserved for scamming me.

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