Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Miss Writing Fan Fiction

A few of my old high school friends are aware that I was one of those people that was writing fan fiction during my sophomore year. It was an after school hobby of mine. It was my escape from the drama that was high school.

One day after class, I was talking to my high school friend Henry. Henry was an aspiring video game creator and he showed me this amazing idea he had for his own video game. Then one day, he began telling me that he writes fan fiction on the website. Metal Gear Solid is his favorite series and he would come up with so many ideas for sequels. I wish I recorded every idea he told me. You would be surprised what he came up with. It was magical.

He convinced me to write fan fiction. He told me that it would not only help me improve my writing, but I could also be able to write down my own ideas for free. Growing up, I was a huge fan of Pokemon. I still am, but it was addictive during my childhood years.

My favorite Pokemon to this day is Umbreon, which is the evolved form of Eevee if he involved at night. With Henry's advice, I wrote a fan fiction story entitled "The Adventures Of The Eevee Clan". I had this idea about all of them going on adventure to save the world of Pokemon. The trainers were always doing it on the show. I felt like it was time for the Pokemon to do it all by themselves.

I wrote all it down in a week and I posted it on a fan fiction website the next. Most people praised me for my stories, which boosted my confidence by 1000%. I don't remember what website it was because I wrote under a pseudonym, but I do remember being happy writing those stories.

I wrote multiple stories in one year. I don't know why I stopped, but I'm happy to be back on it. I'm writing an Ed Edd n Eddy: Twenty Years Later fan fiction screenplay based on my all time favorite cartoon series. I'm not making it crazy habit writing fan fiction. It just feels awesome getting back to doing this other part of my life that made me happy. Below is the intro to Ed, Edd n Eddy if you guys don't know the show.

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