Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Music Video- Kaoz ft. Heidi B. Stink & Jay-Z "Labels"

I am speechless over this new video. I was already stunned by this song from the amazing rapper Kaoz, but this video brought the song to another level of excitement. I am in love with this song and video.

"Labels" by Kaoz ft. Heidi B. Stink & Jay-Z is all about dropping the labels the world has put on us. No matter what labels, if it's negative, it's time to drop it, and live your life has an indescribable individual.

I got nothing but love and respect for Kaoz. He is an amazing artist that always sends out the right messages. No matter how raw, personal, or funny it is, he's always real. He tells the truth. That's what we need. The world is starting to become fake and I am happy that individuals like Kaoz sends out nothing but positive truth.

Come watch what I'm talking. Here is the new music video by Kaoz. Enjoy!

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