Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rachet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Will End Tonight

I've never had a more frustrating time over a video game that I had with this one last night. It was utterly insane and I haven't even beaten the game yet.

In Rachet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, there is a final battle between you and Dr. Nefarious. I still believe this is the best game in the entire franchise. I am still adjusting to the future trilogy. There's just nothing like playing the ordinary. To be honest, I've only played the first two games in the series. I never truly played the last one. Then when I saw it at Game Stop a month ago, I just knew I had to have. I bought the game and been playing it to the end ever sense.

Now I am finally towards in the end of it, and it's a complete pain in the ass. I have been dying and trying at least eight times when it comes to defeating Dr. Nefarious. I've spend so many hours after midnight trying to waste this guy, and they've all failed miserably. Every time when his health is inches away from reaching 0, he finds a way to kill me.

I stopped playing last night because it left me hot and bothered. My hands were sweating. My fingers had tiny red marks on them because of the numerous times I was pressing the buttons. This fictional character wore me out.

But this isn't over. Not by a long shot. My entire night is set for this occasion. Dr. Nefarious is going down and I will finally reach the end of Rachet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

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