Tuesday, November 29, 2011

That Was One Hot Meal!

When it comes to cooking, they tell you to watch over your food, so it won't burn. They never tell you that if you leave the utensils in the hot dish, it'll heat up so much, when you touch it, you'll get third degree burns.

No one told me about this. I had to find out about this the hard way.

One night, I was in the kitchen, cooking corn and rice. I had too many exotic meals that I read from multiple recipe books. So it felt good to eat something for once. The rice cooker was almost done. The corn and smoked sausages were almost completely heated up. I was so ecstatic. 

Around the same time, I was writing an essay entitled "What A Halloween Surprise!". So I decided to multitask and finish writing it while I was cooking. I got so distracted finishing another page, I forgot that I left the fork I was using to stir the food in the pot. The fork eventually drowned to the bottom and I had knowledge of it.

A half hour had passed and the food was ready. I unplugged the rice cooker and I turned off the stove. I grabbed a large spoon and began putting some of it on the plate. While I was putting the corn and sausages on my plate, I felt something solid at the bottom. I raised the spoon and there was the fork right there. I then grabbed the fork and that's when my realization kicked in.

The fork was so hot, it burnt my hand, thereby making me jump one step back. Due to that, I accidentally dropped the plate and the food landed on my foot. The volcano hot food landed on my foot, thereby burning me even more. I freaked out and ran towards the deep freezer. I opened it and then stuck my foot in it. The pain went away within seconds, but I was probably seconds away from getting frost bite.

I have paying attention very close attention to utensils ever since then.

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