Saturday, December 31, 2011

Addict Of Fiction: Is Final Fantasy XIII The Worst Game In The Franchise?

As a faithful Final Fantasy gamer who has played every game in the franchise, I couldn’t help but to talk about this. I was talking to a few of my friends who have played this game and we all agreed on the same thing.

When I first saw the previews of Final Fantasy XIII, I was really excited. We were being introduced to this strong female character named Lightning. Plus, it was the first Final Fantasy game for the PS3 and XBox 360 system. I grabbed my copy and began playing.

Within the first couple of hours, I found myself playing an ongoing soap opera. The graphics, voice acting, and of course, the gameplay was absolutely amazing. The gameplay especially was good. It took some time for me to adjust to it because I’m so used to playing role-playing games back in the day. The type of games when you had time to think and decide what your next move was going to be.'

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Don't Mind, Do I?

One day at the library, I was checking out the first season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on DVD. It's still shocks me that the show has had four seasons on Cartoon Network already. I've hardly been watching the network ever since Ed, Edd n Eddy was cancelled. The latest shows on the network are somewhat whack. I could no longer handle being a part of it's fan base the way I used to be.

When my books were getting checked out the librarian asked me if I mind if she could put rubber bands on the DVD set. If I opened it at any time, there was a possibility that all the CD's inside would fall out.

"Do you mind?" she asked me.

I didn't have a problem with it. But this is how I confused her. Instead of shaking my hand, I moved it up and down. It made her think I did mind it, even though I didn't. Five seconds later, I came to a realization that I gave her the wrong response. I didn't mind her putting rubber bands on it. I walked away feeling like a complete fool.

This is something I have a habit of forgetting. If you don't mind anything, say or show that you don't mind it. If you do, say or show that you do. There are times when I get mind and don't mind confused and accidentally gives people the opposite response. I don't mind anything, but I accidentally tell them I do mind.

Do you have a habit of doing that or is it just me? Please agree! Don't make me feel left out. Lol

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Web Series- Drama Queenz Season 3 Episode 3

The boys are back! It's about time! The second I received the tweet from my cell phone while I was holding my dog, I threw him across the room, turned off E! News, temporarily canceled my plans to watch ESPN all night long, laid down in bed, and watched another episode of this amazing web series.

Once again, they've delivered a great episode that I'll start watching again after writing this review. I want to commend the show for going in a more serious direction. I love it when comedy and drama comes together beautifully. To me, there is always a dark flavor to humor and vice versa. Drama Queenz does it nicely.

In this episode, the boys are confronting their own issues. Jeremiah begins to self reflect on his current situation of being a paid escort. He begins to realize that this job is eating him alive and leading his relationship with Donovan to a downward spiral. Preston is dealing with the one issue that I believe is common for most people. It's dealing with the fact that you possibly love someone. Preston can't admit that to himself and his feeling are physically taking over his life. Davis is going on his first date with a man who just confessed to him last episode that he was HIV positive. I was very intrigued at how Davis was going to deal with this one. I believe this is the one story that is going to stand out the most.

This show just keeps getting better and better. It surprises me all the time. The way they blend comedy with a dramatic tone to these stories is so outstanding. The cast delivers some of the best acting I have ever seen on a web series. Also, Dane Joseph's writing is one of the best I've ever seen from one writer to another. If the Emmy's had a category for web series, his writing definitely deserves to be nominated. He deserves to be there right next to my favorites Marc Cherry (creator of Desperate Housewives), Tina Fey, and Chuck Lorre (Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, Dharma & Greg)

Enjoy this new episode. I know I did and I am going to watch it again.

P.S. The dog is fine. He landed on the couch. Lol

Monday, December 26, 2011

New Orleans Saints Walks Away With A Win And A Record (45-16)

I can't believe I was actually not thinking about watching this historical moment in sports. I am so glad I changed my mind. I went over to a sports bar and watched every moment of this amazing game between the New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons. Me along a friend of mine watched this four hour game faithfully. I had many cups of Coca-Cola ready for me and I stayed in that chair until the end of the whole thing.

Here is my take on the entire game.

In the beginning, a part of me didn't believe that Drew Brees would break the record by Dan Marino. Back in 1987, Dan Marino had a record of 5,084 yard passes in a single season. It has been decades and no one was able to beat his record. Drew Brees was a few yards away from doing that last year, but it didn't happen.

Then as we got closer to the end of the third quarter, a part of me instantly knew that this was going to happen. When I look at Drew Brees, I truly see a star. He cares about that game more than any other football player I know. That's very rare coming from someone like me who is a faithful sports fan. Once it said 5,087, me and a random stranger hugged each other, screaming like little girls. We along with every other New Orleanian were ecstatic. Another historical moment in sports had the name "New Orleans" right next to it.

Marques Colston and Pierre Thomas are the best teammates when it comes to working with Drew Brees. Their chemistry is undeniable when they are on that field. Even though I was rooting for Drew Brees to pass the ball to Colston more, I am proud of both of them. I truly believe both of these players are going to make history someday as well. I don't know what it is, but I do predict they both will be a part of something.

Now onto the not-so good part of the game.

I can't help but to be slightly disappointed by the defense team...again! I hate to say this, but the defense can be a real pain in the butt. In my opinion, they always wait until the opponent catches the ball before they use all they speed to knock them down. To me, they know where the ball is going. Just look at the player the ball is heading towards, and knock the player down first before the ball even lands. Don't worry about the ball. Worry about the player where the ball is heading towards.

If they wanted to, an interception would be an awesome plus.

It's almost the end of the season, and the defense is driving me crazy. That's the only thing I believe the Saints need to work on. Still, congratulations to the New Orleans Saints once again for making it into the history books. I am so proud of my hometown team.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Addict Of Fiction: Are Video Games Returning To It's Mega Blockbuster Years?

While I was paying attention to how almost every blockbuster movie that came out, ended up earning billions of dollars at the box office, I wasn’t paying attention to the sales of the video games that has been coming out for the past year.

What really caught my attention when it came to video game sales was the release of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3″. I knew there was some die hard Call of Duty fans (possibly topping the international Final Fantasy fans), but when I saw the numbers in just the first 24 hours, it really shocked me. The game sold 6.5 million copies in the first 24 hours, making $400 million dollars. It went to make over a billion dollars in only 16 days, beating the science fiction film “Avatar”, which took 17 days to exceeded $1 billion dollars.

That stunned the video game industry. The Call of Duty fans truly have spoken with this one. After noticing this, I began doing a little research on the previous games that came out. I’ve checked their sales and was stunned by the recent results.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Film Titanic On An Actual Cruise

When I was a little kid, I went on my very first cruise. It was sponsored by Disney and it was one of the best times in my life. I got to eat as much as I wanted without regretting any of it. I got to swim as much as I wanted. I got to sleep as much as I wanted. We weren't following a schedule. All they wanted us to do was follow the rules and have a good time.

The first two days of the four day cruise trip was absolutely stunning. I truly felt I could stay there forever. Then one night, we all got personally invited to watch a film that the crew members had chosen to play for everyone. I was six years old at the time and I was addicted to movies. I'm sure my parents bought a movie for me every single month. It was just a way to keep me occupied after doing all of my school work of course. So I super excited getting the chance to watch a new movie.

We sat at the theater and the movie started playing. After a few promos for other films along minor distractions behind me, the movie was finally coming on. I had no idea what this movie was. It was brand new to me. Then a leaned over to a friend I made on the cruise ship. She told me the movie was called Titanic. I just sat there during the whole movie. By the end, it dawned to me that we were watching the movie on an actual cruise ship.

I ran out of that theater and started vomiting outside. First off, I was six years old. Why were they letting little kids watch a movie like that at an early age? Second off, why would they be playing that movie on an actual cruise ship anyway? Third, why would Disney, the company that wants to make kids happy, actually let them do that? 

The last two days was just hiding. I hid myself in my room for two days. I couldn't bear to leave my room. That movie traumatized me for a long time.

I have never been on a cruise ship since.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trick Or Treat...Literally!

Halloween is becoming more humorous than scary nowadays. I'm not the only one that believes in this. This popular holiday that is supposed to scare the life out of you has turned into a day and night of comedy.

This year's Halloween was the most boring one of my life. I've went through a bunch of holiday adventures, but this one truly stands out as the worst. There were no Halloween specials airing on television. The Syfy channel decided to celebrate the Halloween season by playing a James Bond movie marathon. I remember wanting to take some sleeping pills and wake up the next day.

I stayed in the living room eating like a maniac. My stomach was expanding by the minute. After eating three dinners in a row I found myself still wanting more food. I put on some clothes and left the house in order to get to McDonald's, which was three blocks away from my house.

While walking down the stairs, I looked over to my left and found some people trick or treating around the block. I looked over and saw that my house was the only house that had it's light on. So I had a huge suspicion that they were going to come to my house. That turned out to be the right message.

They shouted out "Trick or Treat!" while walking up my stairs. However, they didn't get a good welcome home present. The second my dog heard their footsteps, he began barking and scratching at the door, thereby scaring the four kids away from my house. I walked away from them as fast as I could. Not because I wanted to hear from them. I was laughing uncontrollably and didn't want them to see me. 

Halloween is definitely becoming more humorous in the coming years.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Box Full Of Jumbo Sized Roaches

One winter, a friend of mines (let's call him Ross) asked me to come clean the basement at his house. He was having difficulty with a few of the things and he needed a second hand. I was the first number he dialed. There are times when I wish I wasn't the most needed person in many people's lives. Don't they realize I have a life of my own?

From the way my cell phone keeps ringing off the hook, it appears they don't care. As long as I'm breathing, they will ask for my help no matter how times I tell them I can't do it. I think I might have to start charging people for my services.

I put on some clothes and rode my bike to Ross's house. Ross was sitting right there on his doorstep waiting for me. We greeted each other and entered the basement without a second to spare. At first glance, it's like no one has been down there in years. All I saw were dusty boxes and appliances.

I began working instantly. The sooner we were done with at least half the basement, the better chance I had of getting out of there. I'm allergic to dust. When I sniff large amounts, my nose closes itself from the inside, preventing me from breathing through it for a few days.

There was this one box that stood out to me while cleaning. It was hanging in the corner and away from the others. I asked Ross if he wanted me to get rid of it. He agreed and I walked over to it. The second I opened it, it unleashed a large army of jumbo sized roaches. They began crawling out of there, as if they were starting the beginning of their world domination. 

Instantly, I screamed like a little girl while Ross was just shocked with a frozen. We both were thinking of random ways to kill them. Ross grabbed two roach sprays and I grabbed the water hose. Within seconds, that basement turned into a war zone between me, Ross, and the roaches. When everything was over, the roaches were killed and the both of us were soaked and sprayed. After the whole incident, Ross wanted us to continue cleaning the basement. I rolled my eyes and then left.

Note to self: Don't ever clean your friend's basement ever again!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Don't You Come Any Closer!

I don't like it when someone I don't know is standing right behind me for an extended period of time. It freaks me out and it makes me turn on my self-defense skills. If I don't know you, what gives you the right to be staring at me like a lunatic?

Last week at the library, I was completing a ton of assignments that I was able to finish on the computer. That was a relief for me. My feet were hurting from all that walking and I didn't want to walk for a little while. I sat myself at a desk with a few books I wanted to check out and started writing. I love libraries. It's the one place I know where there is piece and quiet. You can use their free internet connection without needing to buy anything. It's wonderful.

During the last few minutes I took in the library, I couldn't help but feel someone staring hard at me. You know that feeling you get you can just feel the essence of someone staring at you? Whenever I get those feelings, it never fails me. I looked towards the right without moving my head and there was this one guy staring at my actions. I didn't know who the guy was, and he was just staring at me while I was typing swiftly.

He thought I didn't know he was there because I had my headphones on, but I knew he was there. He started getting a little closer to me. The closer he got to me, the closer I was getting to beating him up. He looked like a future pedophile and I wasn't going to let him touch me.

A few steps closer to me, he grew scared and walked away. I think he kind of knew I was ready for him. It looked like it was right out of a action movie. You don't know if this person is wielding something and you might as well give up while you're ahead. I haven't worked at the same desk since then.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Shut Up And Watch The Movie!

I never thought I would find myself writing a story about this topic. I've heard numerous stories about these things. I've seen commercials about this before the movie comes on. Even though it was good awareness of what not to do, I just never seen it physically happen. I've been doubting those actions until last year.

I went over to a movie theater on Sunday night to go see Tyler Perry's new film For Colored Girls last year. I was so bored after watching a recent football game. My hometown team was obviously beating the opponents. Last time I remembered, the score was 40 to the opponent's 7. It was the game that everyone decided to stop watching. We all knew who was going to be the winner. 

What was the point in continuing to watch a game if it was going to be boring in the end?
I arrived at the movie theater and couldn't wait to watch this drama. Midway through loving the film, the real drama began to happen. There were these four people sitting way up in the back who couldn't stop talking during the rest of the movie. There were a few dramatic scenes in the film and they felt they were the ones that needed to add what appear to be their humorous commentary to the film. 

I didn't say a word because I'm a calm person who doesn't want to make a scene. But I was wishing that someone had the balls that night to shut those people up. I managed to remember everything that was happening throughout the movie. It was still an amazing film. It just a bunch of distractions from the background noises going on at the top.

I walked away from that movie with mixed reviews. I gave the film a positive review, but I gave the audience a negative one. I have never been at that theater since.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Future Forward| Conversations With Your Penis

When it comes to sex, the one thing that men appears to not be incredibly vocal about is their secret conversations with their partner downstairs. I'm talking about the partner deep inside their pants. I'm talking about the one thing that they are self confident about on a daily basis. I don't need to tell you what it is. The title says it all.

For women, it's very obvious that they talk about their breasts numerous times. Whether it's talking to them in the mirror or having a conversation with their friends, a conversation regarding their breasts is always going to come up. That's why the majority of us are prepared for things like that to happen. If you're an only child, your conversations with your breasts is like talking to real life sisters.

What what about men? Do we have those same type of conversations? Absolutely.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Andy Serkis Deserves An Oscar Nomination

I am one of those fans that is completely rooting for this man to get an Oscar nomination for his riveting performance as Caesar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. There are many science fiction fans like myself that truly believes he deserves this honor. I know that many people thinks he should've been nominated first for playing Gollum in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but it's too late to campaign that in the present. But now that he gave us another riveting performance, it's time to push this one.

I have seen Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Andy Serkis is without a doubt the stand out star of this amazing work of science fiction. I looked at some of the behind the scenes clips and was completely shocked at Andy Serkis's performance. Everything you see in this film from face expression to emotions and body movement, that as all come from Andy Serkis. 

I have been around technology all of my life.The one thing I know you can't do is computer generate an animal with tons of emotions like that. It has to come from a real person. To me, I compare it to wearing a costume. Andy Serkis is wearing a costume and is still giving us an amazing performance.

Most people believe that he shouldn't be nominated because computer technology helped him out. That his emotions were probably enhanced by it. If that's the case, let me take you back to a film known as The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. Everyone has seen that movie. This movie was accompanied with computer generated technology and Brad Pitt got a best actor Oscar nomination in the end. When something like this happens, there is no excuse why Andy Serkis shouldn't be nominated.

If you still don't believe me, watch this video below. I promise you. It will take just this video to completely believe everything that I'm talking about. If I didn't see the movie, it would've took a few clips below of him playing Caesar to tell me that he deserves to be nominated. Join the campaign and let's help this man's breathtaking body of work get more recognition.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

He Wanted Me In A Skateboarding Accident

I exited the library after a long day of work. It was an incredibly creative day and I was happy with what I have accomplished that day. There was a smile on my face and I thought nothing was going to get rid of that smile.

Two blocks later, I was getting ready to the cross. A group of skateboarders was all of a sudden coming in my direction. They wanted to beat that red light. So they increased the speed on their skateboards. Within seconds, each of them were driving past the red light swiftly one by one. It was like they were going after Tony Hawk or something from the way they were chasing after each other.

Eventually, they all were all gone the second the light turned red. I was relieved and began walking the street. There was a thirty second walk for citizens before the traffic started all over again. I was midway to the other side and there was this one skateboarder that was far behind from the pack. He was obviously exhausted, but he was using all of his strength to catch up with the gang. 

He looked up at me and gave me this dark glare. I started walking backwards, so that we wouldn't crash. He made a slight move to the right, thereby still being straight ahead of me. Every time I moved back, he kept on trying to be keep me right in front of me. Five feet away from colliding with me, he turned to the left, thereby missing me.

Once he rode past me, I heard him shout out "Damn it!"

Monday, December 5, 2011

One Drunk Asshole!

We've all had an experience with a drunk person. Even if you're a casual virgin when it comes to your life, there was a tiny moment in your life that included a drunk person. When it happens, you're completely in shock. Nothing in this world prepares you for it. It's all about coming up with a solution at that very moment.

That was the case with me.

One night, I was hanging out at my favorite karaoke club. I haven't been out in a long time. So going out that night was something I was really looking forward to. I was following the beat of the music, listening to rock n roll music. Ranging from Bon Jovi to Prince, everyone was having a good time.

At some point, the host demanded that audience members should come on stage in the middle of a Prince song. The ladies were dancing provocatively, trying to excite everyone that was watching them. Men were there too but they were upstaged within a few seconds by the women. One particular person that was having a good time was this drunk person standing right next to me. He was completely intoxicated and visually out of his mind. He looked over towards me and saw how excited I was watching all of those females dance.

For the next thirty minutes, he was provoking me to go onstage and dance with the rest of those females. Even though I was having fun, I didn't want to go up on stage. Besides, I was performing in a few more acts. So wearing myself out before going on stage would be a complete waste of time.

The results was a half hour of being cussed at and pushed by this drunk person. I know the average person would beat the living daylights out of him at that point, but I chose not to. Instead, he was escorted by security out of the bar. Right after he was gone, I wowed the crowd with my rendition of "Bye Bye Bye" by N'Sync.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Future Forward| Love Is Not Worth A Lifetime Virus

In honor of World Aid's Day that happened two days ago, I want to take this opportunity to talk a particular subject surrounding the LGBT community. I think it's a wonderful thing to continue spreading the word, thereby educating our youth on what's out there in the world.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Addict of Fiction: Should Final Fantasy VII Be Adapted Into A TV Show?

Every Final Fantasy fan from around the world can agree that the seventh game in the series is the most iconic one of them all. This is the game that started everything when it came to putting Final Fantasy into the 3D world. Not only that, but it’s known as the game that sold the PlayStation.

I honestly do believe that Final Fantasy wouldn’t have evolved the way it has if it wasn’t for Final Fantasy VII. I have a best friend who is addicted to the series. He has the video game. He knows every aeon in the game. He watches Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children like a maniac. He absolutely loves this series.

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