Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Box Full Of Jumbo Sized Roaches

One winter, a friend of mines (let's call him Ross) asked me to come clean the basement at his house. He was having difficulty with a few of the things and he needed a second hand. I was the first number he dialed. There are times when I wish I wasn't the most needed person in many people's lives. Don't they realize I have a life of my own?

From the way my cell phone keeps ringing off the hook, it appears they don't care. As long as I'm breathing, they will ask for my help no matter how times I tell them I can't do it. I think I might have to start charging people for my services.

I put on some clothes and rode my bike to Ross's house. Ross was sitting right there on his doorstep waiting for me. We greeted each other and entered the basement without a second to spare. At first glance, it's like no one has been down there in years. All I saw were dusty boxes and appliances.

I began working instantly. The sooner we were done with at least half the basement, the better chance I had of getting out of there. I'm allergic to dust. When I sniff large amounts, my nose closes itself from the inside, preventing me from breathing through it for a few days.

There was this one box that stood out to me while cleaning. It was hanging in the corner and away from the others. I asked Ross if he wanted me to get rid of it. He agreed and I walked over to it. The second I opened it, it unleashed a large army of jumbo sized roaches. They began crawling out of there, as if they were starting the beginning of their world domination. 

Instantly, I screamed like a little girl while Ross was just shocked with a frozen. We both were thinking of random ways to kill them. Ross grabbed two roach sprays and I grabbed the water hose. Within seconds, that basement turned into a war zone between me, Ross, and the roaches. When everything was over, the roaches were killed and the both of us were soaked and sprayed. After the whole incident, Ross wanted us to continue cleaning the basement. I rolled my eyes and then left.

Note to self: Don't ever clean your friend's basement ever again!

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