Saturday, December 31, 2011

Addict Of Fiction: Is Final Fantasy XIII The Worst Game In The Franchise?

As a faithful Final Fantasy gamer who has played every game in the franchise, I couldn’t help but to talk about this. I was talking to a few of my friends who have played this game and we all agreed on the same thing.

When I first saw the previews of Final Fantasy XIII, I was really excited. We were being introduced to this strong female character named Lightning. Plus, it was the first Final Fantasy game for the PS3 and XBox 360 system. I grabbed my copy and began playing.

Within the first couple of hours, I found myself playing an ongoing soap opera. The graphics, voice acting, and of course, the gameplay was absolutely amazing. The gameplay especially was good. It took some time for me to adjust to it because I’m so used to playing role-playing games back in the day. The type of games when you had time to think and decide what your next move was going to be.'

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