Tuesday, December 6, 2011

He Wanted Me In A Skateboarding Accident

I exited the library after a long day of work. It was an incredibly creative day and I was happy with what I have accomplished that day. There was a smile on my face and I thought nothing was going to get rid of that smile.

Two blocks later, I was getting ready to the cross. A group of skateboarders was all of a sudden coming in my direction. They wanted to beat that red light. So they increased the speed on their skateboards. Within seconds, each of them were driving past the red light swiftly one by one. It was like they were going after Tony Hawk or something from the way they were chasing after each other.

Eventually, they all were all gone the second the light turned red. I was relieved and began walking the street. There was a thirty second walk for citizens before the traffic started all over again. I was midway to the other side and there was this one skateboarder that was far behind from the pack. He was obviously exhausted, but he was using all of his strength to catch up with the gang. 

He looked up at me and gave me this dark glare. I started walking backwards, so that we wouldn't crash. He made a slight move to the right, thereby still being straight ahead of me. Every time I moved back, he kept on trying to be keep me right in front of me. Five feet away from colliding with me, he turned to the left, thereby missing me.

Once he rode past me, I heard him shout out "Damn it!"

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