Monday, December 12, 2011

Shut Up And Watch The Movie!

I never thought I would find myself writing a story about this topic. I've heard numerous stories about these things. I've seen commercials about this before the movie comes on. Even though it was good awareness of what not to do, I just never seen it physically happen. I've been doubting those actions until last year.

I went over to a movie theater on Sunday night to go see Tyler Perry's new film For Colored Girls last year. I was so bored after watching a recent football game. My hometown team was obviously beating the opponents. Last time I remembered, the score was 40 to the opponent's 7. It was the game that everyone decided to stop watching. We all knew who was going to be the winner. 

What was the point in continuing to watch a game if it was going to be boring in the end?
I arrived at the movie theater and couldn't wait to watch this drama. Midway through loving the film, the real drama began to happen. There were these four people sitting way up in the back who couldn't stop talking during the rest of the movie. There were a few dramatic scenes in the film and they felt they were the ones that needed to add what appear to be their humorous commentary to the film. 

I didn't say a word because I'm a calm person who doesn't want to make a scene. But I was wishing that someone had the balls that night to shut those people up. I managed to remember everything that was happening throughout the movie. It was still an amazing film. It just a bunch of distractions from the background noises going on at the top.

I walked away from that movie with mixed reviews. I gave the film a positive review, but I gave the audience a negative one. I have never been at that theater since.

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earth22 said...

I hate it when they talked during a movie.