Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trick Or Treat...Literally!

Halloween is becoming more humorous than scary nowadays. I'm not the only one that believes in this. This popular holiday that is supposed to scare the life out of you has turned into a day and night of comedy.

This year's Halloween was the most boring one of my life. I've went through a bunch of holiday adventures, but this one truly stands out as the worst. There were no Halloween specials airing on television. The Syfy channel decided to celebrate the Halloween season by playing a James Bond movie marathon. I remember wanting to take some sleeping pills and wake up the next day.

I stayed in the living room eating like a maniac. My stomach was expanding by the minute. After eating three dinners in a row I found myself still wanting more food. I put on some clothes and left the house in order to get to McDonald's, which was three blocks away from my house.

While walking down the stairs, I looked over to my left and found some people trick or treating around the block. I looked over and saw that my house was the only house that had it's light on. So I had a huge suspicion that they were going to come to my house. That turned out to be the right message.

They shouted out "Trick or Treat!" while walking up my stairs. However, they didn't get a good welcome home present. The second my dog heard their footsteps, he began barking and scratching at the door, thereby scaring the four kids away from my house. I walked away from them as fast as I could. Not because I wanted to hear from them. I was laughing uncontrollably and didn't want them to see me. 

Halloween is definitely becoming more humorous in the coming years.

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