Friday, January 27, 2012

MUSED Magazine- Don’t Call Introverts Shy! Understanding Their Influence And Power

When you think about people who are introverts, a few things come to mind. Introvert is referred to as an individual that is anti-social, shy, prefers to be alone or a non-people’s person. Well it turns out that an introvert is none of the above.

In a new book written by Susan Collins, “Quiet: The Power Of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking,” makes us look at introversion in completely different way. According to her, introverted folks are not shy, neither are they anti-social. Recently, she appeared on CBS: This Morning to break it all down.

“Shyness and introversion are different,” said Collins. “Shyness is about the fear of negative judgment, whereas introversion is simply about a preference for a minimally stimulating environment. But both of them do tend to spring from an underlying temperament that is careful and sensitive and has all kinds of benefits that we tend to undervalue in this culture.”

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MUSED Magazine- Facebook & Washington State Partner To Eliminate ‘Clickjacking’

Based on recent events going on from the social network Facebook like porn and gory photos, it makes you think about what’s truly going on over at headquarters. Is Facebook doing something to stop all of this spam? It turns out they are and the Washington state is going to give them a helping hand.

Facebook and Washington state is working together to stop a type of spam known as “clickjacking.” These are known as links on Facebook that promises users multiple shocking or salacious videos. They contain codes that spread a link to the user’s page. That makes it seem like the user “Liked” the link, with the aim of attracting more clicks from the user’s friends. The links eventually lead users to a survey or information from advertisers.

Social networking sites are popular targets for spammers, which could still come as a shock for some people. 

Facebook says less than 4 percent of content shared on the site is spam, which doesn’t compare to the 74 percent of spam that comes from emails. However, due to Facebook having over 800 million users, it has easily become a target.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

MUSED Magazine- Harvard Study Warns iPad Users Of Potential Injuries

Apple is without a doubt changing the world of technology. No matter where you go, someone has either an old or a latest installment from Apple. Nowadays, it’s the iPad.

Apple sold a record-breaking 15.43 million iPads in the last three months of 2011, which means a lot of people are gravitating to tablet computers. This success is influencing Apple to add textbooks to the iPad. Even though this is an amazing success for the company, have you ever told yourself iPads are a pain in the neck?

Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health just published a study that examined the physical effects on the head, neck, and shoulders after using an iPad for a period of time. The study showed mixed results.

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MUSED Magazine- Why Did Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Disrespect President Obama?

There is no reason the picture above should sit well with anyone. Here is another example of the respect people have for President Obama, which sickens me. Has respect for our President presidency diminished so much that one would think it is acceptable to point a finger in the man’s face?

The disagreements and gatherings between President Obama and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer continue.

Brewer met with him Wednesday after he landed at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. A White House pool reported that it was intense conversation that only lasted few minutes.  This was all due to the publication of Brewer’s book Scorpions for Breakfast. It depicted Obama as “patronizing” during an earlier meeting and Obama felt that she didn’t treated him cordially.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MUSED Magazine- Porn Stars Are Now Legally Required To Use Condoms

Actors starring in adult films will be legally required to wear condoms under an ordinate that was just signed into law in Los Angeles. The law was signed Monday by Antonio Villaraigosa and will take effect in 41 days after being posted by the city clerk, which will happen as early as this week.

Officials with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation have waited a long time for law to take effect, especially in locations like Los Angeles where 90 percent of the porn industry takes place. Now that a law like this has been created, they’ve expressed jubilation.

“The city of Los Angeles has done the right thing,” said Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “They’ve done the right thing for the performers.”

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Never Say "Don't Hit That!" In That Way

I was taught a long time ago that you have to be a particular person to understand the varieties of some quotes and slangs. It was created by specific types of people. So if you completely understand it, then you must to be this type of person. I knew for a very long time that I'm an undercover lover of sex, but this one incident sealed the deal for me.

While on the set of a film entitled Now You See Me, waiting to start working as a background actor again, I was getting acquainted with friends and food. We were in the area for five long hours. What else was I supposed to do? Go to sleep after eating four and a half donuts? I don't think so.

All of a sudden, Jessica, one of the crew members, came over to the area where me and 70 other extras were gathered to get ready for filming. We all stopped talking and began listening to her. You could easily tell that she was not from New Orleans. She was asking people where two different restaurants were while questioning us about our Southern accents. She thought it was cute. Good thing she didn't aim that question towards me because I would've obviously showed that I didn't have an accent. 

She asked us these questions in the middle of the whole time she was giving us instructions on what to do when we get on set.

In the middle of her speech, the lunches were arriving. It came at the exact time it was supposed to come, but due to the fact that we haven't been on set yet, our lunch was postponed until night time. But to make sure there was no confusion on our parts, Jessica decided to remind us about the food.

The following sentence came out of her mouth:

"Due to production being postponed for a few more hours, you cannot eat lunch right now. We'll be on set in thirty more minutes. So whatever you do, please don't hit that. Alright?"

The next second, I am laughing like a crazy lunatic. The friends I made on set had to hide my face, so that Jessica couldn't see that I was laughing at her. But I didn't care if she saw me or not. The way that last sentence came out of her mouth made me completely incapable of holding my laughter. 

Jessica obviously never been to the south. If she was down here, she would've known that "Don't hit that!" means two different things. None of them is related to food. Here are the two meanings.

1. Don't have sex with whomever you're refurring to.
2. Don't smoke the marijuana joint.

Those are the two definitions of "Don't hit that!" Food isn't related to any of that stuff. Poor Jessica. If only she knew.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MUSED Magazine- HIV Positive Wrestler Sentenced To 32 Years For Not Disclosing Status

Monday, 32 year old former professional wrestler named Andre Davis was sentenced to 32 years in prison for failing to warn 11 people that he had sexual contact with that he was HIV positive. He was convicted back in November on 14 counts of felony assaults. Each count carries a maximum sentence of eight years.

Defense attorney Greg Cohen told the judge that Davis didn’t mean to harm the victims, but the fact that Davis didn’t tell a least a dozen women about his HIV status is what the prosecutors continue to put on the table. According to the law in the state of Ohio, it you test positive for HIV, you must reveal the information before having sexual contact with that person, due to the fact that it is a potential deadly virus.

Davis failed to tell his partners, which led to his conviction.

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MUSED Magazine- Keeping 'Bromance Alive'

Even though it is good having an abundant amount of female friends for so many reasons, there is nothing like the feeling I experience when hanging out with my male friends. Whenever we get together, there is an unexplainable internal bond. Once I was invited to come to a football game, you better believe I cancelled my get together with my female friends, and was at the stadium without regretting my decision to cancel whatsoever. Don’t get me wrong, I have a strong affinity for my female friends but I need my guy time too.
Bromance is something that needs to be embraced more. I don’t know about you, but personally I feel like the essence is fading away. It is beginning to look and feel like the term doesn’t even exist anymore. If two men that obviously treat each other like brothers are giving each other hug, it is considered unusual and unacceptable. It is considered a complete turnoff and females will never consider being with a male who is that affectionate towards someone who shares the same sex.

This is towards a simple hug. You can already imagine if they attempt to do a playful kiss after a couple of Bud Lights or Heinekens.

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MUSED Magazine Has Officially Launched Online

I am so excited. I can't believe that this is happening. I have been keeping this a secret for all of ya'll. So I am very excited to be announcing this to all of ya'll. But I'm sure you guys knew about this. I was promoting it days before the launch. 

I was hired weeks ago as a daily writer for MUSED Magazine, an online men's magazine that just launched on midnight. This magazine is all about giving men a voice. Whether you're gay or straight, this magazine is for you. When I look at this magazine, it kind of reminds me of how Gloria Steinem started Ms. back in 1971. This magazine is going to change the way people think of men, and most importantly, let our voices be heard. The stories that hasn't been told regarding men, it all starts here with MUSED. 

You will see articles written by me on a daily basis in this magazine. I will be writing features about our everyday lives, and also news and entertainment stories. My journalism skills are really going to be put to the test in this. There are some tasks given to me that is going to be really challenging, but I am all for it.

I really hope you guys will add this magazine to your daily newspapers and magazines. I am so proud to be a part of this project. Also, spread the word if you can about it. This magazine is for everyone. Male and female. Click on the picture to read the articles written by me along with many other talented writers.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Guest Post- For The Masses "Stop Saying People In Their 20's Are Old"

Last week, I had the privilege of being asked to write a guest post for a website entitled "For The Masses". I was given the freedom to write about anything I want. At that moment, I decided to write a piece about being in your 20's. Do you know those people that constantly tell you that being 20 years old is too old. Don't you just want to punch them in the face.

Well I decided to give my opinion on it. Click on the picture to read my article on the website.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Please Clean Your Restroom!

The last story was just one incident that happened a few days ago on the set of "Now You See Me". A few more crazy incidents occurred. This story right here is one that I have to say is the most disgusting, yet funniest experience that I've ever gone through.

Due to whatever the cast and crew were doing, we as extras had to be in the holding area for five and a half hours. I don't mind waiting that long. I'm one of the most patient people you'll ever meet. I'll always find something to entertain myself no matter where I am. In this case, it was the food. 

The best thing about sets is the craft service. They have some of the best food on the table, ready for you to consume them. I ate five and a half donuts, which still continues to compete with pancakes as my favorite breakfast dish. Ever since my New York moment back in the Big Apple, I have been having donuts like a maniac.

Right after eating the fifth donut, I needed to go to the restroom. There was one inside the building, which was said to be incredibly dirty. Then there was another one outside that technically wasn't a restroom. It was one of those little toilets you use in order to teach your kids how to use the toilet. The reason why they had that outside? I have no idea.

Which one did I choose? The one inside of course.

I walked into the restroom and I was totally mortified. They had used tissues all over the floor with no trash can in site. There were only a few amounts of toilet paper left on the actual toilet. The sink was completely drenched in dirt. It was a horrible scene to look at. I am partially OCD. It's not that serious. The only time when I feel like I need to go off and clean something is when I see a restroom like the one on set. 

I walked slowly towards the bathroom to get through the mess that was around me. I grabbed some toilet paper and put it on top of the seat. When I was getting ready to sit down, this was when I knew the toilet was incredibly small. I landed on it so hard, there was a moment when I thought I actually broke the toilet. A knot popped out of the water and hit me in the back of my head. It scared me so much, my business came out like a torpedo. I was also inches away from slipping and falling in that toilet, but it's a good thing that didn't happen.

I left that bathroom with a huge amount of embarrassment inside my system that I eventually let go of when it was time to start filming. But now that I look back at that incident, consider this a message for people who owns a building with a filthy restroom. Please clean your restroom for everyone's well being.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Please Be Silent? I Don't Think So!

Yesterday, I was hired as a background actor on the set of a film titled "Now You See Me". I had a wonderful, yet stressful time being on set. I saw the actors Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, and Woody Harrelson do their thing on the set. They've each done a terrific job. It was a memorable 15 and a half hour day and night of filming.

There are a bunch of humorous stories that developed while on set yesterday, which I will be writing about without giving away any secrets. I'll respect the privacy from the cast and crew without revealing too much.

While waiting in the Extras Holding Area, conversing with some new friends I made, a woman named Jessica, who is one of the crew members, arrived to tell us what we were going to do when we get on set. I believe there were about 50 extras. So she had to tell us as soon as possible.

"Alright everyone," Jessica shouted. "This is what's going to happen. In one more hour, we're going to be on set, and a few of the assistants will each give you a role."

As she continued on, a few of her crew members were talking right beside her, which made it incredibly difficult for us to understand what Jessica was saying. The crew members eventually lowered their voices and Jessica resumed talking.

"While waiting, I will be picking a few people to be on the balcony," she continued. "The way I'll be doing that is by giving whoever I pick a number. Once I do that, those people are the ones that are going to be up on the balcony. As for the rest of you...."

The second she was getting ready to finish her orders, the radio began playing in the background. The sound just popped out of nowhere. We could no longer hear Jessica. Instead of telling them to turn it off, she tried to speak higher than it, hoping someone else was going to turn it off. They didn't do it and we ended up not hearing two minutes of what she was saying.

When she left the holding area, I almost fell down the ground laughing. Why didn't you tell them to turn the radio off?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Raining Ice Cubes At A Drag Show

Back when I used to go to clubs every weekend, I would always go to this one spot in order to release a lot of stress I had on myself. No matter how many times I wanted to take a break from all that dancing, they always managed to play the right song. That's what I love about this particular nightclub. I was a struggling writer at the time with only a few dollars in his pocket, and I would always spend them on drinks.

During one night, I entered the club during the middle of a drag show. I haven't been out in over two months at that point. Being out on this one night was actually a relief for me. I ordered a cup of Sprite while watching this drag show that was almost over. I wasn't that focused on it. I was waiting for it to end at 10. Not because I don't have a problem with drag shows. I just had a lot of energy to burn and I wanted it all to go away before I left the club.

In the middle of the show where it appeared that the drag queen was performing a seven minute performance, an ice cube fell on my head. Then another one landed in my drink, making the Sprite splash all over my hands. I looked up on top and there were these random drunk people throwing one cube after another towards the drag queen that was performing on stage. They didn't like what they were seeing. So they decided to stop the show in any way they could.

They tried to be discreet about it. They threw one cube every few seconds just to entertain themselves. No one except me knew what was really happening in the background. Suddenly, one of those people on the second floor accidentally dropped one of their ice cubes and it landed in another customer's drink. What they didn't know was that it was the drag queen's husband.

He charged out of his seat and stood up to see where it was coming from. Within seconds, he's running up the stairs, getting ready to find the culprit, and beat him/her. Everybody on the second floor started running away. This was all happening while the drag show was still going on. There was a show on the first floor and a chase on the second floor that no one saw or heard. It was hard for me to hear because of the loud music.

All I said to myself in the moment was "I guess tonight wasn't a bad night to go out after all."

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Proposal From The Chinese Restaurant

A few days ago after finishing my brand ambassador gig with Nike, I walked to the Chinese restaurant that was two blocks away from the workplace. It was the night the Saints were going against Detroit. So cooking a meal was totally out of the question, especially when the game started thirty minutes ago.

I walked inside and ordered fried chicken wings with french fries. I know what most people are thinking. You could get fried chicken and french fries anywhere. So why are you getting them from a Chinese restaurant? I can't quite answer that question. There is just something different about this one. It's like they've added a secret recipe to their fried chicken, which makes them delicious. To me, the seven dollars I continuously spend on this meal is well worth it.

After I made my order I sat down on the couch and waited for it to arrive. While waiting, this older man wearing worn out blue jeans and a dirty white t-shirt came inside and stood by the front counter.

"May I take your order?" the lady at the counter asked.

Before he made his order, he looked over at the people cooking in the background. Then he made his order and kept staring at the lady working the front. 

Then out of the blue came the question "Will you marry me?"

Instantly, I held my head up, trying to observe what I just heard when I was looking down, reading a copy of Possible Side Effects by Augusten Burroughs that I had with me. It was the most unexpected question I've ever heard at a Chinese restaurant.

"I don't understand English that much," she said and continued working. The man found this as a perfect opportunity to mess around with her.

"I'm dead serious," he said. "I want you to marry me. You can cook as much as you want. I will spoil you as much as you want. Matter of fact, I'll make it rain all over you." 

He took out some dollar bills and threw it in the air while some of the coins in his pocket fell out. That's when I realized he wasn't kidding. His friends tried to calm him down, but he continued on with his rant.

"This Chinese woman thinks I'm kidding. I will tear that ass up!"

At that moment, I wanted to run away and laugh to the top of my lungs. I couldn't believe this was going on in front of me. My order finally arrived a few seconds later. I thanked them, left the restaurant, and finally released all of the laughing I was keeping dormant inside. It would go down as one of the most memorable moments I have ever seen at a Chinese restaurant.

Side note: I can't wait to go back there and order more fried chicken.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Helping A Friend's Sex Addiction Gone Wrong

A friend of mine admitted to me the other day that he is a sex addict. He thinks about it all the time, and he always can't wait to act it out. I sometimes feel bad for his girlfriend. Robert is a commitment type of person. He never cheats, but he always wanted to date a freak due to his sexual addiction. Even though his girlfriend is someone like that, Robert is ten times worse than her. 

There are moments when I think when they have sex, Robert tosses her across the room, thereby causing minor injuries. Scary, isn't it?

One day, while we were hanging out at his office where he works at, his addiction caught the best of him on this particular day.

"I need help," said Robert.

"What's wrong with you?" I asked.

"I can't stop thinking about sex right now. It's gone crazy. I don't get off work until another three hours. I need you to help me control it."

To be honest, I wanted to run away. I don't know how to help someone control their sexual addiction. I love sex, but it doesn't take over my head. Robert was thinking about it all the time on this particular day. Before I arrived at his office, he admitted to watching two hours of pornography on his iPhone. So there I was in a position that I didn't know how to hold together.

I managed to keep him together for two hours. I made him think about Family Guy and drink lots of water. Then there came the final hour. All hell broke lose in that hour.

Female co-workers with big butts with a possible chance of spanks hiding under those shorts, were walking around his office like a maniac. Every time he saw their butts, he thought about how much we wanted to tear his girlfriend up, and not in a good way. I went into my pocket and tried to make him calm down by chewing gum. I accidentally took out one of my mini bottles of lotion and it made it worse for him.

Finally, it was time to go. Robert packed up as fast as he could. Before I ran away he told me "I'mma tear my girlfriend's ass up. If she gets hurt, I'm blaming it all on you."

As for what happened after this, that's another blog post. So as of right now, details are private.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Vote For "Roque's Reality" At The 2012 Weblog Awards

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great time. 2012 is still new and I love every minute of it. Some amazing news has been announced a few days ago and I hope all you faithful readers are going to be a part of it.

The twelfth annual Weblog Awards opened its nominations on January 1st, 2012. This is an awards show that has recognized a wide variety of bloggers for the past twelve years. No matter what type of blogger you are, there is a category for you. Religion, Sports, Politics, Food, Humor, there is a category for everyone. 

I just nominated "Roque's Reality" for the Weblog awards under these five categories.

1. Best LGBT Blog
2. Best Topical Weblog
3. Most Humorous Weblog
4. Best Writing Of A Weblog
5. Best Kept Secret Weblog

This is something I've never done before. I've never nominated my blog in the whole four years I've been doing this. But when I found out about this amazing opportunity, I felt my blog deserved to be up there. Not just for me, but to my faithful readers as well. The readers of my blog and on The Future Forward website of course, tell me all the time that they relate to my stories whether it's funny or serious. Here I am, a 20 year old, incredibly smart, African-American openly gay male, who lives a humorous and positive life that people can laugh and relate to openly and honestly. My stories keeps them entertained and they always tell me to never stop writing my stories.

That's the feedback I love. The fact that people love reading about my life. No matter who they are or what they are, they all consider me a part of their family. I have friends of almost every culture, race, gender, and sexual orientation. I love everyone and I show it all the time. It inspires me to convince more people to come read "Roque's Reality" and get the same reaction you guys do. I want to entertain you guys with my stories till the day I die. Better yet, even after I die, I'm sure there will be some unpublished manuscripts lying somewhere with my name on it. Whether you're reading my blog, a book I hope to have published someday, an article from a magazine, I want to always put a smile on your face and make you live a positive life.

Due to that, I'm asking for your help. I want you guys to not only vote for my blog yourselves, but I also want you to spread the word and tell people to vote for "Roque's Reality" in the same categories at the Weblog Awards. I want to get this blog to be at least nominated. I don't care about winning. The fact that more people will know about my blog is better than any award in my opinion. My Future Forward family has joined the band wagon and are helping me get the word out You should too!

Here is the official link. 

This is the link to the voting registry. All you have to do is go down and fill out three blogs under the five categories I listed above. 

Voting ends on January 15th. So we have to do this quickly. I have faith in each of my readers. I love every single one of my readers and I'll continue to write more stories just for you guys. You guys are my friends. So to my friends, please vote for "Roque's Reality" at the 2012 Weblog Awards.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Stop Roque! The Refrigerator Is Closed!

Whether it's day or night, I have a crazy habit of doing this on a daily basis. I don't know if it's because I'm developing an unnoticeable habit of forgetting some of the small things in less than five seconds, or is it something else. Either way, this is slightly freaking me out.

When I close the refrigerator after putting something in or taking something out, I would go to my bedroom, feeling confident that I've done everything I needed to do in the kitchen. I sit down in the living room or the bedroom, ready to let my body rest a little. 

Then all of a sudden, my mind begins to tell me "I think you left refrigerator opened. You might want to go back there and check." I am fighting these feelings simultaneously. A part of me does believe that I did close the refrigerator door. Eventually, I would give into my thoughts and head towards the kitchen. After checking it, I would realize that the refrigerator is in fact closed, and that my mind just made me feel dumb in the inside at that moment.

After opening and closing the refrigerator door just to make sure, I would go back to my room and try to forget about the whole thing. Then the thoughts come back. Even though the refrigerator is closed, my mind is telling me to go back there over and over again. And guess what? I would go back and check the refrigerator over and over again.

I can't explain why this happens to me on a daily basis. Am I only one that has these thoughts?