Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Raining Ice Cubes At A Drag Show

Back when I used to go to clubs every weekend, I would always go to this one spot in order to release a lot of stress I had on myself. No matter how many times I wanted to take a break from all that dancing, they always managed to play the right song. That's what I love about this particular nightclub. I was a struggling writer at the time with only a few dollars in his pocket, and I would always spend them on drinks.

During one night, I entered the club during the middle of a drag show. I haven't been out in over two months at that point. Being out on this one night was actually a relief for me. I ordered a cup of Sprite while watching this drag show that was almost over. I wasn't that focused on it. I was waiting for it to end at 10. Not because I don't have a problem with drag shows. I just had a lot of energy to burn and I wanted it all to go away before I left the club.

In the middle of the show where it appeared that the drag queen was performing a seven minute performance, an ice cube fell on my head. Then another one landed in my drink, making the Sprite splash all over my hands. I looked up on top and there were these random drunk people throwing one cube after another towards the drag queen that was performing on stage. They didn't like what they were seeing. So they decided to stop the show in any way they could.

They tried to be discreet about it. They threw one cube every few seconds just to entertain themselves. No one except me knew what was really happening in the background. Suddenly, one of those people on the second floor accidentally dropped one of their ice cubes and it landed in another customer's drink. What they didn't know was that it was the drag queen's husband.

He charged out of his seat and stood up to see where it was coming from. Within seconds, he's running up the stairs, getting ready to find the culprit, and beat him/her. Everybody on the second floor started running away. This was all happening while the drag show was still going on. There was a show on the first floor and a chase on the second floor that no one saw or heard. It was hard for me to hear because of the loud music.

All I said to myself in the moment was "I guess tonight wasn't a bad night to go out after all."

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