Friday, January 27, 2012

MUSED Magazine- Facebook & Washington State Partner To Eliminate ‘Clickjacking’

Based on recent events going on from the social network Facebook like porn and gory photos, it makes you think about what’s truly going on over at headquarters. Is Facebook doing something to stop all of this spam? It turns out they are and the Washington state is going to give them a helping hand.

Facebook and Washington state is working together to stop a type of spam known as “clickjacking.” These are known as links on Facebook that promises users multiple shocking or salacious videos. They contain codes that spread a link to the user’s page. That makes it seem like the user “Liked” the link, with the aim of attracting more clicks from the user’s friends. The links eventually lead users to a survey or information from advertisers.

Social networking sites are popular targets for spammers, which could still come as a shock for some people. 

Facebook says less than 4 percent of content shared on the site is spam, which doesn’t compare to the 74 percent of spam that comes from emails. However, due to Facebook having over 800 million users, it has easily become a target.

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