Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Never Say "Don't Hit That!" In That Way

I was taught a long time ago that you have to be a particular person to understand the varieties of some quotes and slangs. It was created by specific types of people. So if you completely understand it, then you must to be this type of person. I knew for a very long time that I'm an undercover lover of sex, but this one incident sealed the deal for me.

While on the set of a film entitled Now You See Me, waiting to start working as a background actor again, I was getting acquainted with friends and food. We were in the area for five long hours. What else was I supposed to do? Go to sleep after eating four and a half donuts? I don't think so.

All of a sudden, Jessica, one of the crew members, came over to the area where me and 70 other extras were gathered to get ready for filming. We all stopped talking and began listening to her. You could easily tell that she was not from New Orleans. She was asking people where two different restaurants were while questioning us about our Southern accents. She thought it was cute. Good thing she didn't aim that question towards me because I would've obviously showed that I didn't have an accent. 

She asked us these questions in the middle of the whole time she was giving us instructions on what to do when we get on set.

In the middle of her speech, the lunches were arriving. It came at the exact time it was supposed to come, but due to the fact that we haven't been on set yet, our lunch was postponed until night time. But to make sure there was no confusion on our parts, Jessica decided to remind us about the food.

The following sentence came out of her mouth:

"Due to production being postponed for a few more hours, you cannot eat lunch right now. We'll be on set in thirty more minutes. So whatever you do, please don't hit that. Alright?"

The next second, I am laughing like a crazy lunatic. The friends I made on set had to hide my face, so that Jessica couldn't see that I was laughing at her. But I didn't care if she saw me or not. The way that last sentence came out of her mouth made me completely incapable of holding my laughter. 

Jessica obviously never been to the south. If she was down here, she would've known that "Don't hit that!" means two different things. None of them is related to food. Here are the two meanings.

1. Don't have sex with whomever you're refurring to.
2. Don't smoke the marijuana joint.

Those are the two definitions of "Don't hit that!" Food isn't related to any of that stuff. Poor Jessica. If only she knew.