Thursday, January 19, 2012

Please Be Silent? I Don't Think So!

Yesterday, I was hired as a background actor on the set of a film titled "Now You See Me". I had a wonderful, yet stressful time being on set. I saw the actors Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, and Woody Harrelson do their thing on the set. They've each done a terrific job. It was a memorable 15 and a half hour day and night of filming.

There are a bunch of humorous stories that developed while on set yesterday, which I will be writing about without giving away any secrets. I'll respect the privacy from the cast and crew without revealing too much.

While waiting in the Extras Holding Area, conversing with some new friends I made, a woman named Jessica, who is one of the crew members, arrived to tell us what we were going to do when we get on set. I believe there were about 50 extras. So she had to tell us as soon as possible.

"Alright everyone," Jessica shouted. "This is what's going to happen. In one more hour, we're going to be on set, and a few of the assistants will each give you a role."

As she continued on, a few of her crew members were talking right beside her, which made it incredibly difficult for us to understand what Jessica was saying. The crew members eventually lowered their voices and Jessica resumed talking.

"While waiting, I will be picking a few people to be on the balcony," she continued. "The way I'll be doing that is by giving whoever I pick a number. Once I do that, those people are the ones that are going to be up on the balcony. As for the rest of you...."

The second she was getting ready to finish her orders, the radio began playing in the background. The sound just popped out of nowhere. We could no longer hear Jessica. Instead of telling them to turn it off, she tried to speak higher than it, hoping someone else was going to turn it off. They didn't do it and we ended up not hearing two minutes of what she was saying.

When she left the holding area, I almost fell down the ground laughing. Why didn't you tell them to turn the radio off?

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