Friday, January 20, 2012

Please Clean Your Restroom!

The last story was just one incident that happened a few days ago on the set of "Now You See Me". A few more crazy incidents occurred. This story right here is one that I have to say is the most disgusting, yet funniest experience that I've ever gone through.

Due to whatever the cast and crew were doing, we as extras had to be in the holding area for five and a half hours. I don't mind waiting that long. I'm one of the most patient people you'll ever meet. I'll always find something to entertain myself no matter where I am. In this case, it was the food. 

The best thing about sets is the craft service. They have some of the best food on the table, ready for you to consume them. I ate five and a half donuts, which still continues to compete with pancakes as my favorite breakfast dish. Ever since my New York moment back in the Big Apple, I have been having donuts like a maniac.

Right after eating the fifth donut, I needed to go to the restroom. There was one inside the building, which was said to be incredibly dirty. Then there was another one outside that technically wasn't a restroom. It was one of those little toilets you use in order to teach your kids how to use the toilet. The reason why they had that outside? I have no idea.

Which one did I choose? The one inside of course.

I walked into the restroom and I was totally mortified. They had used tissues all over the floor with no trash can in site. There were only a few amounts of toilet paper left on the actual toilet. The sink was completely drenched in dirt. It was a horrible scene to look at. I am partially OCD. It's not that serious. The only time when I feel like I need to go off and clean something is when I see a restroom like the one on set. 

I walked slowly towards the bathroom to get through the mess that was around me. I grabbed some toilet paper and put it on top of the seat. When I was getting ready to sit down, this was when I knew the toilet was incredibly small. I landed on it so hard, there was a moment when I thought I actually broke the toilet. A knot popped out of the water and hit me in the back of my head. It scared me so much, my business came out like a torpedo. I was also inches away from slipping and falling in that toilet, but it's a good thing that didn't happen.

I left that bathroom with a huge amount of embarrassment inside my system that I eventually let go of when it was time to start filming. But now that I look back at that incident, consider this a message for people who owns a building with a filthy restroom. Please clean your restroom for everyone's well being.

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