Friday, February 24, 2012

Let Me Tip You Before You Tip Yourself

The only time you see someone tipping themselves when they have your change is in the movies. You never see it in real life. However, there are some things in the fictional world that can become reality.

One night, I rode over to Cafe Du Monde, one of the greatest cafes in New Orleans. I don't care if you live here or not. You can never resist going to this place at this once. Whether it's drinking their delicious coffee or eating their sugary sweet beignets, this place is irresistible.

I walked over to the take-out line. I wasn't thinking about staying there. It was after midnight and I was totally exhausted from riding around all over the city. I asked for a bag of beignets and gave them the money. When you ask for a bag of beignets, that means you want one bag that holds three beignets completely covered in sugar. All you have to do is read the menu and understand what I'm talking about when you come down to Cafe Du Monde.

The male worker came back with my change. He gave me my dollars the moment I was thinking about tipping him. In between us was this tipping jar that had cash and a few coins inside. I couldn't resist adding something to that jar. The second I was ready to tip him with a dollar bill and my coins, he put the coins in the jar without even putting them in my hands. He all of a sudden decided to tip himself.

I looked at him with this confused look on his face. I was thinking "Why did you tip yourself? I was going to tip you myself." 

I didn't want to ask any questions. I was tired enough as it was. I grabbed my bag of beignets, walked to my bike, and rode away. I laughed about it ten minutes later. It was amazing to me how something I would only see in the movies happen to me in real life.

Do employees always tip themselves without second guessing it?

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