Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rachet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Is Finally Over

You have no idea how long I've been wanting to say this everyone. After 37 tries, I've finally defeated Dr. Nefarious on Rachet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. That's right. I have went through a bunch of blood, sweat, tears, and secretly drinking Bud Light Lime beers despite the fact that I'm only 20 years old, to finally see these words being written right here on this blog.

I know the main reason why it took those many times is because I'm a game ender. I didn't level up Rachet that much. I was way too focused on reaching the end of the game. So even though his weaponry was sort of up to date to deal with this final boss, it didn't necessarily reach the requirements to easily defeat Dr. Nefarious.

But I'm now happy to say I've reached the ending. I don't have to bruise my hands or throw things at the TV screen due to frustration. I don't truly throw things at the TV when it comes to losing a game. You win some. You lose some. I know that. But after you've been defeated the 30th time, I think it's fair that you can free pass at throwing something at your TV.

It's finally over. Now I can relax. The saddest thing about this entire blog post is that I've actually been counting how many times I've lost to Dr. Nefarious.

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