Monday, April 9, 2012

Klutziness To The Extreme

I was born with this unusual curse. I'm one of a few people who has this. I have a habit of nearly falling to to the ground at least once a day. Notice that I say at least once a day. That means it's happens more than once. If it doesn't happen on one day, I consider that a miracle. Sadly, a miracle like that happens at least once every few months.

One day, it decided to go to the extreme.

I was leaving one of the parks after being on the phone with one of my good friends. Once again, it lasted fifteen minutes. I don't like being on a phone for a long time. As soon as it reaches fifteen minutes, I just want to hang up without a care in the world. After hanging up the phone, I tripped on the nearby park bench. I almost fell to the ground, but regained my balanced as I continued walking away.

Three blocks later, I tripped again while walking in the middle of Jackson Square. I was looking for a friend of mine who is always taking pictures around there. The ground was wet and the front of my shoe aimed towards the ground. I managed to catch myself before my body could even aim down at the ground. Four people saw me, but I walked away with a smile.

Five blocks later, things went to the extreme. I was daydreaming about what I was going to do when I got back inside the house. I was walking past a cafe. I got so distracted, I had no idea there was a hole coming my way. All of a sudden, my foot fell in the hole and by the it came out, a piece of the sidewalk came apart. I quickly retrieved it and tried putting it back together. 

I walked away after putting it back together and just tried to avoid leaving the house for the rest of the day.

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