Monday, May 21, 2012

I Can't Look At Hand Sanitizer The Same Way Anymore

It's been weeks since news broke out about this. We are supposed to be over it, right? For me, that's impossible.

You remember the news about the teenagers who were drinking hand sanitizer because there was 65% alcohol in it? In the beginning, it was a media firestorm. I wanted to figure out who started that movement. I would've personally said to him "What makes you think the alcohol in the sanitizer is the same alcohol that people drink?"

That's insane.

It's been weeks since that happened. Teens stopped consuming them ever since they found out that two were hospitalized for doing it. It was a tiny moment that we expected to leave our heads. That's just not the case with me. Ever since that incident it's been hard for me to look at hand sanitizer. Every time I see a bottle of it, I get a automatic flashback, and feel disgusted.

I walked to the general store and there were these tiny bottles of hand sanitizer in full display. It felt like a jinx. Right next to them were matches. My first thought was to grab a match and set them on fire. But after realizing what happens when alcohol and fire comes together, I changed my mind.

Eventually, I'll get over this phase of feeling disgusted by hand sanitizer. But right now, I'm just turning my head.

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Anonymous said...


People like to get high! People are swallowing Cinnamon out here and almost dying of non-breathing.

Love the photo!!!