Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where Are The Rest Of The Restrooms In New York?

The one thing that  is definitely different about New York and New Orleans are the restrooms. I've been living here for a couple of weeks now and I feel like I'm getting close to more unisex experiences every day than I did back in the south. I do believe that both genders should be treated equally, but I'm starting to think the restrooms should be an exception.

I was walking down Wall Street after a two hour walk. My legs have been getting back in shape since I moved here. I walked into a Starbucks with the restroom on my mind. I walked into a fully functioning Starbucks, but there was no restroom built inside of it. At that moment, I was freaking out. My blatter felt like acid trying to break free of this shell called my penis, and I wasn't letting it because I didn't want my pants to get wet. I probably was provoking it since the only thing I bought from Starbucks was that sparkling juice.

I left Starbucks within minutes of walking in and tried to find a different one, so that I could use their restroom. When I finally walked inside a different Starbucks, I found myself looking at ten people together in one line, waiting their turn. A quick glimpse made me realize that it was a unisex restroom, which visually looked like a small excuse for a cubicle with a toilet inside of it.

I couldn't wait for those ten people. So I left Starbucks again and found myself walking while looking for a restroom in desperation. There was no Starbucks in site. I got scared and decided to go to the one place that I felt was best to go to. McDonald's.

I ran into the restroom and I found myself walking into the Dominican Republic. It was way too crowded. Three in one line and two in another. It was moving like a mini factory inside this one restroom. But eventually, the spot was opened and I let loose on the toilet.

As I'm walking, I'm still shocked by the fact that the restrooms. Some places either have a unisex one or don't have one. If you're looking for opposite sex restrooms, good luck with that. Or if you are looking for a large restroom, go to the ones in a hotel. You won't find them in small joints. It'll be hard to find. I guess it's another realization about New York that I need to adapt to.

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Anonymous said...

unisex bathrooms in new york?I love it.