Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Reason Why I Live An Open Book Life

The one thing that's obvious about me is that I'm an open book person. I made a personal decision a long time ago to open the doors to my life. I live without a single lie or secret surrounding it. If you ever ask me a question, I'm giving you the full truth. If I lied to you, I would beat myself up about it.

One of the main reasons why I live an open life is because of my family. No disrespect to them, but my family is a walking soap opera. Every time I visit one of my family members, it's like I'm walking into a room full of secrets. Even though they look together and happy, it was accessorized with lies and secrets being swept under the rug. If someone found out about one, it's a bipolar war.

There were times when I would cry over the fact that I had a family that didn't care if I found out about some important things about me that I should've been aware of from the start. I don't care about their personal secrets. However, it becomes my business when I'm dragged into it without my consent.

I will never forget a time when I found out about these two secrets my mom kept from me. Once I addressed to her how sad and depressed I was because of it, all she said was "So what? I don't care if it hurts you. You want dinner?"

Picture eight family members you treasured a lot telling you the same thing?

It's a pattern that refused to go away in my family tree. That's why I hardly talk to them nowadays. Because of that, I refuse to live my life under a web of lies and secrets. It's a fear I have. That I'm going to be living with lies and secrets. In my book, not gonna happen.

The other reason is because of my observations and opinions on life. The situations and realizations that I go through living here in the 21st century is appealing to me, and apparently a lot of people. These stories are interesting and I know that people are relating to it. So what's the use of telling these stories in the third person when you can tell them exactly what you've gone through? Take them on the journey with you.

This is my explanation on why I live an open book life. Once again, no disrespect to my family or anyone related to them. That's their personal decision on wanting to live like that. They just motivated me on not wanting to live like that, and instead be open about who I am. To me, the truth is easier to deal with and easier to live with.

Knoji- How New York Will Make You A Better Worker and Organizer

New York City has been changing me more than you guys think. It shocks me exactly how these changes are happening fast. One thing is New York City making me a better worker and organizer. I can tell you a whole bunch of stories about it, but that'll be multiple blog posts.

Instead, what I've decided to do is write a how-to article about it. It describes everything I'm referring about this city changing my work ethic. I hope it inspires everyone to do the same thing. 

Click on the picture to read the how-to article.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Realization Of A Never Gonna Happen Friendship

For everyone that knows me, whether you're a reader or a close friend of mine, you know I'm an affectionate person. It comes from being a free-spirit and an open minded person. I like to give hugs and pat you on the back from example. It's a natural thing for me.

In my defense, it's way for me to show you that my door is open to you. I'm not judgmental. I don't criticize. I don't do anything to make you think that I'm a bad person. I'm a positive, happy-go-lucky, most of the time quiet, person. But just because I'm too positive all the time doesn't mean I'm not open to compromise. I'm open-minded. So if some of my actions are a little out of control, and you want me to tone it down a little, I'm open to compromising. I want to respect you and the friendship that we have.

But of course, I'm starting to learn that not everyone wants to be your friend, even after you make several attempts to please this person.

Yesterday, I sat down to have a conversation with this male person that I've been sensing tension with. I expressed to him how I noticed that he got irritated every time I hugged him or patted him on the back. I understand that some people don't like being touched or that being hugged is not a normal thing for him. I was open to compromise. That's why I came and sat down next to him instead of waiting for him to explode one day.

During the conversation, he kept texting on his cell phone. He looked at me only four times. He gave me only two responses. It was like he already made up his mind about me and didn't want anything to do with me. 

The conversation ended with me hoping that we were on good terms and be good friends, and he said aggressively "Just don't touch me ever again."

I knew in that moment that a friendship wasn't going to materialize. We weren't on good terms. My attempts to pleasing him were just a waist of time. He already made up his mind about me and was waiting for me to shut my mouth. 

It's another chapter in me learning more about friendships. You can't be a people pleaser. Everyone isn't your friend. If they don't want to be your friend walk away. Life is something, ain't it?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Knoji- How To Tolerate Subway Shenanigans In New York

My second how-to article for Knoji is up. This one is based on my experiences riding subways. It's been only five weeks living here and I've already been exposed to tons of shenanigans down near the subways. It's gotten to a point where I now know how to tolerate it.

However, it shocks me to hear that people who's lived here a lot longer that I have still don't know how to tolerate. Well it's good thing I'm hear. Click on the picture to read "How To Tolerate Subway Shenanigans." Enjoy it and have a good laugh.

Monday, July 16, 2012

New York City, I'm On The Phone!

There are times when I go to the library to get some work done. I work best in a quiet environment with no distractions around me. After all, a quiet person needs a quiet environment in order to create great work. But there is now starting to be several distractions, preventing me from doing A-Z.

In the middle of working, I would get phone calls from friends and business partners, asking for favors or reminding me of what I'm supposed to do. Of course, since it's a library, I can't answer my phone. I have to ignore their phone messages and text the person that I'll call them in one second. 

Once I do that, I run downstairs from the third floor to the first floor in order to reach the exit. Then once I'm outside, you expect me to answer my calls smoothly, right? You are so wrong.

I walk outside and find myself in other world of loud noises. Vehicles and people are swarming the sidewalk and streets. I sometimes have to move through some people while still maintaining stable contact with the person I'm talking to. It was as if New York City was ready for me as soon as I walked outside.

Handling business when I'm in the library is still a work in progress. But I will admit that there are times when I want to say "New York City, shut the hell up! I'm on the phone for God's sake."

Monday, July 9, 2012

Knoji- How To Be A New York Walker

Today is officially the day my new project launches. In a previous post, I announced I'll be returning to writing how-to articles for the website Knoji. It will be a New York edition of how-to articles. Since I've been living here for so long in New York, there is one thing I've gotten used to. Walking the streets.

I think you have to be here in the city to completely understand what I'm talking about. Walking in New York City is no joke. Your legs must be in the best shape. Then once they are, you'll be surprised on how much you've accomplished just by being a New York walker. 

These personal experiences on walking in New York City inspired me to write this new how-to article. You want to learn how to be a New York walker. Click on the picture and find out how.

A Day In The Life As Ollie The Owl

The last brand ambassador gig I had back in New Orleans was with TripAdvisor, a travel website. A conference was being held at the W hotel and they were looking for ambassadors to represent the brand for the weekend. I was so excited about this gig because of two things.

1. I was one of the most highly recommended ambassadors due to my background in that and writing.

2. I was going to be wearing a mascot suit for the first time.

Oliie the Owl is TripAdvisor's mascot. He looks like an ordinary black and yellow bird. But since the conference was being held in New Orleans, they gave Ollie this Hawaiian shirt with large beads around it's neck. I loved the concept and signed on the dotted line.

The day of the conference came and the true craziness of being a mascot occurred. It all started when they forgot to freeze the ice packs, which is what mascot people wear in order to stay cool inside of it. Mascot suits are hot. You got to be a little crazy if you are going to be standing out in the hot sun with no ice pack pressed against your body on the inside.

Then to top it up, Ollie's shoes were incredibly huge. My guess was that it was a size 20. When you put them on you can't just walk in them. You have to raise your legs up in order to make a step. You put all of that together. What do you get? A humorous day.

Knowing that I'm a natural klutz, I tripped a few times in those shoes. My co-workers had to carry me a few times to the front door. Whenever I raised a foot, it would land on the tip, thereby causing me to trip. It's quite unusual that for the many times I've almost fallen down, none of my co-workers came down with me in the process.

Heat was another challenge. The mask got hot within the first hour. So I had to breathe real hard and my co-workers had to serve me water. The water was filled with lemons and mint in the shape of leaves. At one point, a mint got caught at the top of my mouth from the inside, making it hard for me to store oxygen. I was sucking up as much as I could, but I was telling the mint to get out of my mouth. If I wanted to, I would've cursed at the mint.

Ollie the Owl was quite an interesting character to portray at the end of the day. I hope this will lead to me being a mascot again one day. Thank you TripAdvisor.

Friday, July 6, 2012

New Project: How-To Articles (New York Edition)

I'm so excited that this new project is being launched.

For those who don't know, I had a reputation for being a self-help guru back when I was seventeen. The reason why I had that reputation was because of the how-to articles I wrote for a website called Factoidz, which is now called Knoji. Months before graduation, I was given the opportunity to write how-to articles for them, which was something I grabbed onto instantly.

One reason was becauseI knew back in high school, I knew how to do so many things that some students didn't know about. So I felt it was a great opportunity to not only continue writing, but to also teach students around my age group a thing or to. That and one of my favorite movies is How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. Kate Hudson plays a character who wrote how-to articles for a popular fashion magazine. I kept getting inspired by that movie. I wanted to write how-to articles for a popular magazine one day.

It's been almost three years now and I'm just now appreciating everything that has happened to me throughout the years when it comes to writing for Knoji. I viewed my profile and I got the chance to sit down and see what I've created. I've written and published 62 how-to articles. I have faithful followers that tells me all the time how much my articles have influenced them, and continue to share them with others. I'm a level 3 Knoji Expert who's articles have been viewed 95,000 times with 104 positive votes. That's amazing for a twenty-year old like myself to see.

A few months ago though, I left. I felt I did the best I could. I felt I've already written all the how-to articles I could write. I'm twenty-years old. What else do I know how to do?

Then I moved to New York City.

I started writing on my blog about living here in the Big Apple. When I went through one experience after the next, I would put it on here. Four weeks later, another opportunity was given to me to write more how-to articles. Only this time, it would be based on my experiences here in New York. That's right. A New York edition of how-to articles.

Originally, I thought that was insane. After all, I still felt I gave all the tips I could give. But one night, I started writing down some playful ideas. Before I knew it, I had twelve new ideas for how-to articles written down. Within that moment, I knew a new project was coming up. Now we're here and I'm happy to announce that I'll be writing a New York edition of how-to articles. Every week, you'll get a new how-to article that are hugely based on my experiences here in the city.

They are going to be more autobiographical with me telling you what I've experienced and how it could help you. I'm so excited and I can't wait to launch the new articles. See you then. Until then, get yourself acquainted with some of my previous picture by clicking on the picture above.