Monday, July 9, 2012

A Day In The Life As Ollie The Owl

The last brand ambassador gig I had back in New Orleans was with TripAdvisor, a travel website. A conference was being held at the W hotel and they were looking for ambassadors to represent the brand for the weekend. I was so excited about this gig because of two things.

1. I was one of the most highly recommended ambassadors due to my background in that and writing.

2. I was going to be wearing a mascot suit for the first time.

Oliie the Owl is TripAdvisor's mascot. He looks like an ordinary black and yellow bird. But since the conference was being held in New Orleans, they gave Ollie this Hawaiian shirt with large beads around it's neck. I loved the concept and signed on the dotted line.

The day of the conference came and the true craziness of being a mascot occurred. It all started when they forgot to freeze the ice packs, which is what mascot people wear in order to stay cool inside of it. Mascot suits are hot. You got to be a little crazy if you are going to be standing out in the hot sun with no ice pack pressed against your body on the inside.

Then to top it up, Ollie's shoes were incredibly huge. My guess was that it was a size 20. When you put them on you can't just walk in them. You have to raise your legs up in order to make a step. You put all of that together. What do you get? A humorous day.

Knowing that I'm a natural klutz, I tripped a few times in those shoes. My co-workers had to carry me a few times to the front door. Whenever I raised a foot, it would land on the tip, thereby causing me to trip. It's quite unusual that for the many times I've almost fallen down, none of my co-workers came down with me in the process.

Heat was another challenge. The mask got hot within the first hour. So I had to breathe real hard and my co-workers had to serve me water. The water was filled with lemons and mint in the shape of leaves. At one point, a mint got caught at the top of my mouth from the inside, making it hard for me to store oxygen. I was sucking up as much as I could, but I was telling the mint to get out of my mouth. If I wanted to, I would've cursed at the mint.

Ollie the Owl was quite an interesting character to portray at the end of the day. I hope this will lead to me being a mascot again one day. Thank you TripAdvisor.

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