Monday, July 9, 2012

Knoji- How To Be A New York Walker

Today is officially the day my new project launches. In a previous post, I announced I'll be returning to writing how-to articles for the website Knoji. It will be a New York edition of how-to articles. Since I've been living here for so long in New York, there is one thing I've gotten used to. Walking the streets.

I think you have to be here in the city to completely understand what I'm talking about. Walking in New York City is no joke. Your legs must be in the best shape. Then once they are, you'll be surprised on how much you've accomplished just by being a New York walker. 

These personal experiences on walking in New York City inspired me to write this new how-to article. You want to learn how to be a New York walker. Click on the picture and find out how.

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