Friday, July 6, 2012

New Project: How-To Articles (New York Edition)

I'm so excited that this new project is being launched.

For those who don't know, I had a reputation for being a self-help guru back when I was seventeen. The reason why I had that reputation was because of the how-to articles I wrote for a website called Factoidz, which is now called Knoji. Months before graduation, I was given the opportunity to write how-to articles for them, which was something I grabbed onto instantly.

One reason was becauseI knew back in high school, I knew how to do so many things that some students didn't know about. So I felt it was a great opportunity to not only continue writing, but to also teach students around my age group a thing or to. That and one of my favorite movies is How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. Kate Hudson plays a character who wrote how-to articles for a popular fashion magazine. I kept getting inspired by that movie. I wanted to write how-to articles for a popular magazine one day.

It's been almost three years now and I'm just now appreciating everything that has happened to me throughout the years when it comes to writing for Knoji. I viewed my profile and I got the chance to sit down and see what I've created. I've written and published 62 how-to articles. I have faithful followers that tells me all the time how much my articles have influenced them, and continue to share them with others. I'm a level 3 Knoji Expert who's articles have been viewed 95,000 times with 104 positive votes. That's amazing for a twenty-year old like myself to see.

A few months ago though, I left. I felt I did the best I could. I felt I've already written all the how-to articles I could write. I'm twenty-years old. What else do I know how to do?

Then I moved to New York City.

I started writing on my blog about living here in the Big Apple. When I went through one experience after the next, I would put it on here. Four weeks later, another opportunity was given to me to write more how-to articles. Only this time, it would be based on my experiences here in New York. That's right. A New York edition of how-to articles.

Originally, I thought that was insane. After all, I still felt I gave all the tips I could give. But one night, I started writing down some playful ideas. Before I knew it, I had twelve new ideas for how-to articles written down. Within that moment, I knew a new project was coming up. Now we're here and I'm happy to announce that I'll be writing a New York edition of how-to articles. Every week, you'll get a new how-to article that are hugely based on my experiences here in the city.

They are going to be more autobiographical with me telling you what I've experienced and how it could help you. I'm so excited and I can't wait to launch the new articles. See you then. Until then, get yourself acquainted with some of my previous picture by clicking on the picture above.

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