Monday, July 16, 2012

New York City, I'm On The Phone!

There are times when I go to the library to get some work done. I work best in a quiet environment with no distractions around me. After all, a quiet person needs a quiet environment in order to create great work. But there is now starting to be several distractions, preventing me from doing A-Z.

In the middle of working, I would get phone calls from friends and business partners, asking for favors or reminding me of what I'm supposed to do. Of course, since it's a library, I can't answer my phone. I have to ignore their phone messages and text the person that I'll call them in one second. 

Once I do that, I run downstairs from the third floor to the first floor in order to reach the exit. Then once I'm outside, you expect me to answer my calls smoothly, right? You are so wrong.

I walk outside and find myself in other world of loud noises. Vehicles and people are swarming the sidewalk and streets. I sometimes have to move through some people while still maintaining stable contact with the person I'm talking to. It was as if New York City was ready for me as soon as I walked outside.

Handling business when I'm in the library is still a work in progress. But I will admit that there are times when I want to say "New York City, shut the hell up! I'm on the phone for God's sake."

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