Monday, October 22, 2012

I Wanted A Pepsi, Not Your Life Story

A few weeks ago, I went to this elder's ball right after attending a social event that my friends invited me to. I was originally ecstatic about being at the event. I got to eat barbecue burgers and hot dogs at one event, and the fact that I was personally invited to another event was great. Aside from that, the subject matter meant so much more to me.

It was an elder's ball celebrating the elders. I for one was happy for them. Elders have given the new generation so many blessings that we still need. They deserve a night where they can celebrate what they've accomplished.

I walked inside and tried to get the party started with my dancing. There were only a few people inside, but that didn't mean we shouldn't be looking and acting like statues. So that's what I did.  A half hour later, I found myself dehydrating. I needed a beverage. So I walked over to the bar and asked the bartender for a Pepsi.

I believe the woman was in her 60's. But I will admit she looked amazing for a woman in her sixties. From her makeup to her accessories, she looked gorgeous. I'm gay people. Let me compliment things dramatically please.

A half hour passed since I asked for my Pepsi. Instead of getting a Pepsi, what I got was this woman giving me her life's story starting from the age of 15. She talked to me about her family, her travelings, her upbringing, her marriages, her children, and how she feels about currently being in her sixties. 

I'm an open minded person. I love listening to stories. But it's another ball game when you were asking for something else in your mind. So as much as I wanted to listen to her stories, my mind was completely focused on a Pepsi. So her story was completely blocked from my mind.

She finally stopped talking and listened to me when I clearly asked for my soda. Then she dropped the bombshell when she told me that I have to purchase a ticket from the front entrance in order to drink something from the bar. I was broke at the time. So my Pepsi request was revoked. Still, it was a wonderful ball.

Congratulations to the elders!

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