Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The 3-Month Health & Wellness Plan: Day #45

It's been fifteen days since the last update. My thoughts are going every which way right now. Holidays and faithfulness has been quite the challenge for me these past fifteen days.

Here is one thing I will admit to you. I believe that I might have taken a slip, which was due to the colossal amount of Christmas food I ate along with my avoidance of wanting to workout during winter season. It's cold outside. Who really thinks about going outside for a jog or something?

It was because of those things that I felt a temporary drop in my progress. I lost some weight. My meals have been imbalanced. I truly lost my place temporarily in the plan. I still ate the recipes that were offered to me by Chris (Alkaline Guru). The one thing I will forever admit is that Eden on Earth has some of the best recipes.

Now I'm working on getting my balance back. I've been eating a lot of ginger oatmeal. It's a start to get me back on track. I strongly believe that 2013 is going to be time for big changes. After all, the new year is all about starting a new thing. So I'm excited for the new direction.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The 3 Month Health & Wellness Plan: Day #30

What the hell? That's all I can say.

"What the hell?" was all I was thinking when my body decided to physically show me that I'm going to be faithful to this plan. Mind you, this is the same body that wanted to kill me from the inside because I decided to feed it chicken morraccan with prunes instead of fried chicken from the Chinese restaurant across the street from my place.

Bi-polar disorder is not going to happen in this stomach.

I went to a party for a friend of mine recently. While everyone was lollygagging and walking around, I walked all the way to food table to get something to eat. My body was going through a healthy direction for quite some time now. I felt it needed a snack.

Right after I ate some fruits and vegetables inside, my body decided to physically reject the McDonald's I ate hours prior. I literally felt someone kicking me in the stomach for a few minutes. I instantly knew my body was trying to stay on the healthy road, and that me eating McDonald's wasn't doing my body justice.

My friends thought I was going through a mood swing, asking me if I was alright. I told them I was and that Chris (Akaline Guru) is just putting me through an amazing plan. My friends know that I'm always doing something. So they just looked at Eden on Earth as another project that I'm a part of.

The point I'm making is that this health & wellness is truly showing amazing results. It's been thirty days already. It's amazing to see how my body is cooperating with me. I love the changes in my inner energy flow and the fact I can keep up with the physical demands people have of me when it comes to my body. So of those demands might be psychotic, but I'm all for the challenge.

The first month is over. Time for the final two.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The 3 Month Health & Wellness Plan: Day #23

It's been five days since the last time I wrote a post about this. I've been going through quite the challenge when it comes to my personal and professional life. That along with the health balance that I've been experiencing. It's lovely.

What I can say right now is that I feel the transformation and I'm loving it. I'm waking up with lots of energy and no struggle. The food is digesting swiftly and smoothly. There hasn't been any recent crashes. So it looks like I'm on the right track.

It all started when I began taking the stairs instead of elevators at my job. Whenever I eat carbs, I'll work it out by going up the stairs. Kind of like the machine they have at the job. Since my hours are currently crunched up, I've had to bring the gym over to work. It's been magical.

I've also gone through a dramatic change when it came to what I drink. The sodas, juices, and alcohol has left the body. Now I'm 100% faithful to Fiji water. No matter how many times that water tries to prevent itself from going inside me, I gulp that water like it was the last water in Africa. Time to clean house everyone.

There has been no temptations for junk food and that's great in my opinion. The fact that I have a break from that food feels good.

I can't wait to see what else this plan has for me. All I know is that I'm continuing on this healthy direction.