Monday, January 14, 2013

I Don't Wanna Hug You

I may love hugging but there are some people that just don't deserve to receive a hug in general. I got that feeling when I was seemingly football hugged by this crazy lunatic that used to be a friend of mine.

I met this guy who I'll call Harry in this post. He's a guy who I'll say has a lot of mental issues. I don't quite understand what's wrong with him. All I know is that every single time I see him,  I have no idea what emotion I'm going to get. I'm either going to get the happy-go-lucky, hyperactive, crazy him or the cocky, controversial, shady bastard.

I'm strongly trying to believe that he doesn't have bi-polar disorder, even though he's showing dramatic signs. As much as I wouldn't go to his hospital and sneak into his medical records, his actions has been giving me a ton of mental assumptions.

The reason why he was originally a friend is because he was bullied by the people around him, which caused him to confide in me. Harry knew that I would never pick on him and that I would always be nice to him. My original assumption was that they were the problem. Then it turns out that he was the problem. His cocky, controversial side pushed everybody's buttons. It even pushed some of my own.

We haven't been the same since.

Fast forward two months later. I'm walking outside to get some lunch. I turned the corner and there was Hary in the flesh. He was obviously excited to see me and ran to give me a hug. While he was running, I began to hold my breath and prevent myself from not showing any signs of anger or annoyance. So once he hugged me my body and face froze up. I couldn't believe he was touching me, for his entire essence disgusted me a lot.

Once he let go, I told him "Good day" and ran for the hills to the nearest subway.

I may love to hug but someone like Harry doesn't deserve it.

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