Monday, June 3, 2013

Do I Look Like I Work Here?

I wasn't irritated by this at first. But then it became constant. Now I'm in a position where if someone asks me this question again, somebody might get an unexpected rant from me. For some illogical reason, whenever I walk into a store, a regular customer comes up to me, assuming that I work there.

It all started when I was doing some regular shopping over at Walgreen’s. I was looking for some honey whole wheat bread that is very compatible with the peanut butter and jelly I have at my place. I don't eat any kind of bread. I only like this one particular brand. Blame my tongue. I can't help it.

While browsing around one person came up to me asking me if I worked there. At first, I let it slide and told them that I didn't work there. Then a second person arrived on the same day asking if I work there. Once again, I let it slide. Then the third person came and I got annoyed within seconds.

I looked at myself from top to bottom, wondering why did people assume I work there. I looked at myself and jumped to the conclusion that these people were somewhat crazy. Sure, I was wearing a black and red shirt, but it was accompanied with black sweatpants that was so hairy, it looked like dogs slept all over it. How in the world did that make them believe I work there? I don't know any general store that allows their employees to wear sweatpants.

My first assumption after the entire incident was that it only happened in general stores. Then my annoyance kicked into overtime when I arrived at the Strand's store, one of my favorite bookstores in New York City.

I was inside the memoir section deciding if I was going to buy Richard Hell or The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The movie comes out real soon. I need to keep up with the program. Once I was about to make up my mind, this seemingly crazy looking man came up to me and asked “Do you work here?”

My mind instantly told me to curse him out. He just asked me the one question that I loathe the most.

“Do I look like I work here?” I said in my mind. “I'm wearing gray pants with a gray shirt that has the Yelplogo on it. Does this entire assemble make you believe that I work here?”

Maybe it's because I'm wearing glasses. Maybe it's because I'm shorter than the average male. I don't know. What I know for sure is that I am tired of people believing that I work at wherever. I've let it slide for quite some time. Now I'm just annoyed.


Denise Michaels said...

Cute post, Roque. I've had it happen to me as well. And I gotta admit - there have been a few instances when I've asked, "do you work here?" and the person was just a customer.

Craziest of all is at grocery stores. Why? Because they have vendors from all kinds of different food manufacturers stocking the shelves. I look to see if there's a logo on their shirt or something so I can tell.

Have a great day, Roque, and thanks for joining "Writers of Non-fiction" on Facebook.

a ji o ji suno ji said...
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