Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What To Expect For First Timers In New York City

The Regional Conference Series is right around the corner in New York City. National Youth Pride Services is bringing its popular Regional Conference Series for Black LGBT Youth, called “I Am Black Excellence” to New York City for the first time. Everything is going to happen on August 9-11, 2013.

This is going to be a first for people who never came to New York City. They have no idea what they are about to experience when they visit this legendary place during a three day conference. Where should they go? What should they do? What should they eat? Questions like this will pop up one after another. Here are some tips on what to expect what you come to this legendary city.

Diversity In Perspectives
When they say everyone lives here, they truly mean that. You can walk into a restaurant for example and could talk to a wide range of people if they are open to the idea. Some might express to you they've lived in New York City all the life and talk about life in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Or you will meet someone who will talk to you about what's it like moving from the small town or a different country to the big city. It's one story after the next and you'll be captivated by these stories and want them to talk more.

24/7 Entertainment
New York City is called "The City That Never Sleeps" for a reason. This city has 24/7 entertainment from all over the city. It can be 3 in the morning and a party is just starting or ending. One walk around the block and there could be a Deli open or order in from a 24/7 restaurant. When you walk on the streets on New York, you will never find yourself bored.

Cultures & History
New York is it's on historical landmark. A regular person who's lived here for decades can still feel like a tourist because there's always something new to discover. From historical landmarks such as the Empire State Building to independent art shows deep within a building. Every step you make is like walking into a another piece of work.

For any person that self identifies as a foodie, you won't be disappointed in New York's vast amount of restaurants, diners, bars, etc. There will come a time where you can't even keep with how many different types of food you was eating. The numbers are limitless when it comes to places. Whether you want Italian, European, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, or Mexican food, this is the perfect city.

I wish everyone a good time when they arrive in New York during the conference. I will of course be in attendance and excited for these different youth attendees to arrive and have a good time.

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