Thursday, August 22, 2013

Take Alkaline And Eden To Work With You

One of the ways that me along with a friend of mine is saving money is by cancelling the option to order takeout during lunch time at work. We both had to admit to ourselves that the number one thing we spend our money on is food, especially when it comes to lunch. If we could remove that, our pocketbooks won't be seriously affected by our temptation in wanting to order out.

It's amazing what goes on in the mind of workaholics.

I went ahead with the idea and began cooking the very next day. I found it fun how I was cooking food for work. There in front of me was a well balanced meal and a chance for not to be tempted by the fast food restaurants that are near my workplace. I cooked barbecued chicken and steamed vegetables. I placed them in the lunch bag along with an apple and a banana. As for a beverage, I purchased Fiji water from a Duane Reade near work.

I began my work day just like everyone else. Putting my best work into the first three hours. Before I knew it lunch time arrived and everyone was leaving to grab some food. Did I go with them? No. I stayed at my desk and took out the lunch I already made from home.

While I was in the middle on consumption, I reminded myself that what I was eating was a reflection of everything I've learned using the services of Alkaline Guru and Eden on Earth. A well-balanced, yet compromised meal. It just so happens that it's with me somewhere other than at home.

I write this post to tell people that you can take the services of Alkaline Guru and Eden on Earth anywhere. It's a chance to take your knowledge and put it into action at home. So instead of constantly going through dizziness when it comes to looking at labels at grocery shops, take your already compromised ingredients from the kitchen cabinet, cook a well balanced meal, and bring it to you anywhere.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Cooking Compromise

You can tell yourself that you are going to make a difference in what you eat. But how many of us have actually done it? How many of us did what we were going to say.

That's what I told myself when I was right in the middle of cooking my meals.

I wrote a previous blog post last week about shopping for the right food. Well it just so happens that I found myself telling another story regarding that day. Despite being low on energy, I decided to start cooking. Many of us would've thought about using the microwave due to shopping resulting in exhaustion when you arrive home. I, on the other hand, was full of energy.

What was my solution to staying active? Cooking.

The first thing on my mind was pasta. I grabbed a couple of ingredients that was needed to make the perfect pasta. While everything was boiling and getting ready to heat up, I began to look at what I was going. It was at that moment that I wasn't balancing or compromising my eating habits. If I originally went ahead with that idea and ate what I was serving, I would've found myself slouching on the couch like Thanksgiving came early, or would've had major breakouts.

I told myself that it was time for a compromise. I can still eat what I wanted but I have to balance it with organic health products. What I like about Alkaline Guru and Eden on Earth is that they don't believe in dieting. What they believe in is compromising. We can still have what we want, but we have to balance with a good regimen.

I boiled some mixed vegetables and placed some of it in the marinara sauce while it was still heating up. The vegetables I chose merged with the sauce to give it a wonderful compromise in one pot. Once the vegetables were boiled up, I placed them in a pot of boiling water and ate it along with the pasta I ate. Two green apples were added to the mix just in case.

I write this post about what it's like to be in the moment compromising over what you're cooking. Food comes and go but your health is forever. It's time for a cooking compromise.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kill Sunday Blues By Shopping

Some of us suffer from what I like to call "The Sunday Blues."

For me personally, it's a feeling I get every Sunday morning when I get out of bed. I call it stored exhaustion that doesn't kick in until Sunday. Once Sunday comes, a major crash kicks in, causing my mind and body to be totally exhausted.

That's exactly how I felt two Sundays ago. However, even though I felt like I wanted to faint, I still forced myself out of bed to go into the city. New York City is always an adventure and something new is always happening. You can't miss a single opportunity to go into the city and see what's going on around the corner. 

There wasn't much going on when it came to that Sunday. After traveling a couple of blocks, I found myself bored and ready to pass out due to the hot sun.

My traveling somehow led me to a nearby Whole Foods store. Once I grabbed a basket, I found myself having fun all over again. I was buying gluten free products, fruits, vegetables, chicken, pasta, etc. I looked down and I noticed that the stuff I bought was still reflecting on my experiences and the lessons I learned from using the services of Alkaline Guru and Eden on Earth. Of course, my basket had a low amount of products due to me discovering the truth about the products that are being sold at Whole Foods, but I am still grateful for all the things I've purchased.

This experience thereby influenced an idea of having to survive the Sunday blues. If you find yourself dealing with the blues on Sunday, why not go shop for your health. Go food shopping and refill your refrigerator in the process. You're doing a good thing for your mind, body, and refrigerator.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Boys Who Brunch Kickstarter Campaign

All of my fellow readers might have remembered back when this blog only had a view readers that I was expressing my love for the web series The Boys Who Brunch. I was absolutely captivated by this original series. The dialogues and stories were completely different from any other show that I've been watching on the internet. So every time a new episode came up, I couldn't help but to promote it and show my support.

The first season ended a while ago and I was eagerly for the next season to come. Now I can say that the show is coming back, but it will require your help. 

Series creator Mike Mitchell Jr. launched a online Kickstarter campaign asking for funding from fellow fans of the show. The goal is to raise $2,000. Click below to be part of the campaign and helped my friend out. We have to bring this show back. Every single one of ya'll will love it.