Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kill Sunday Blues By Shopping

Some of us suffer from what I like to call "The Sunday Blues."

For me personally, it's a feeling I get every Sunday morning when I get out of bed. I call it stored exhaustion that doesn't kick in until Sunday. Once Sunday comes, a major crash kicks in, causing my mind and body to be totally exhausted.

That's exactly how I felt two Sundays ago. However, even though I felt like I wanted to faint, I still forced myself out of bed to go into the city. New York City is always an adventure and something new is always happening. You can't miss a single opportunity to go into the city and see what's going on around the corner. 

There wasn't much going on when it came to that Sunday. After traveling a couple of blocks, I found myself bored and ready to pass out due to the hot sun.

My traveling somehow led me to a nearby Whole Foods store. Once I grabbed a basket, I found myself having fun all over again. I was buying gluten free products, fruits, vegetables, chicken, pasta, etc. I looked down and I noticed that the stuff I bought was still reflecting on my experiences and the lessons I learned from using the services of Alkaline Guru and Eden on Earth. Of course, my basket had a low amount of products due to me discovering the truth about the products that are being sold at Whole Foods, but I am still grateful for all the things I've purchased.

This experience thereby influenced an idea of having to survive the Sunday blues. If you find yourself dealing with the blues on Sunday, why not go shop for your health. Go food shopping and refill your refrigerator in the process. You're doing a good thing for your mind, body, and refrigerator.

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