Thursday, August 22, 2013

Take Alkaline And Eden To Work With You

One of the ways that me along with a friend of mine is saving money is by cancelling the option to order takeout during lunch time at work. We both had to admit to ourselves that the number one thing we spend our money on is food, especially when it comes to lunch. If we could remove that, our pocketbooks won't be seriously affected by our temptation in wanting to order out.

It's amazing what goes on in the mind of workaholics.

I went ahead with the idea and began cooking the very next day. I found it fun how I was cooking food for work. There in front of me was a well balanced meal and a chance for not to be tempted by the fast food restaurants that are near my workplace. I cooked barbecued chicken and steamed vegetables. I placed them in the lunch bag along with an apple and a banana. As for a beverage, I purchased Fiji water from a Duane Reade near work.

I began my work day just like everyone else. Putting my best work into the first three hours. Before I knew it lunch time arrived and everyone was leaving to grab some food. Did I go with them? No. I stayed at my desk and took out the lunch I already made from home.

While I was in the middle on consumption, I reminded myself that what I was eating was a reflection of everything I've learned using the services of Alkaline Guru and Eden on Earth. A well-balanced, yet compromised meal. It just so happens that it's with me somewhere other than at home.

I write this post to tell people that you can take the services of Alkaline Guru and Eden on Earth anywhere. It's a chance to take your knowledge and put it into action at home. So instead of constantly going through dizziness when it comes to looking at labels at grocery shops, take your already compromised ingredients from the kitchen cabinet, cook a well balanced meal, and bring it to you anywhere.

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