Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Cooking Compromise

You can tell yourself that you are going to make a difference in what you eat. But how many of us have actually done it? How many of us did what we were going to say.

That's what I told myself when I was right in the middle of cooking my meals.

I wrote a previous blog post last week about shopping for the right food. Well it just so happens that I found myself telling another story regarding that day. Despite being low on energy, I decided to start cooking. Many of us would've thought about using the microwave due to shopping resulting in exhaustion when you arrive home. I, on the other hand, was full of energy.

What was my solution to staying active? Cooking.

The first thing on my mind was pasta. I grabbed a couple of ingredients that was needed to make the perfect pasta. While everything was boiling and getting ready to heat up, I began to look at what I was going. It was at that moment that I wasn't balancing or compromising my eating habits. If I originally went ahead with that idea and ate what I was serving, I would've found myself slouching on the couch like Thanksgiving came early, or would've had major breakouts.

I told myself that it was time for a compromise. I can still eat what I wanted but I have to balance it with organic health products. What I like about Alkaline Guru and Eden on Earth is that they don't believe in dieting. What they believe in is compromising. We can still have what we want, but we have to balance with a good regimen.

I boiled some mixed vegetables and placed some of it in the marinara sauce while it was still heating up. The vegetables I chose merged with the sauce to give it a wonderful compromise in one pot. Once the vegetables were boiled up, I placed them in a pot of boiling water and ate it along with the pasta I ate. Two green apples were added to the mix just in case.

I write this post about what it's like to be in the moment compromising over what you're cooking. Food comes and go but your health is forever. It's time for a cooking compromise.

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