Monday, September 16, 2013

Never Buy One Dollar DVDs

Saturdays are my laundry days. I follow a traditional morning every time this day arrives. I wake up early in the morning, pile up my laundry, head out the door, walk eight blocks to my favorite laundromat, and let the food wash while hot wings are cooking in the oven while I'm gone.

On one particular Saturday, my regime was interrupted by a blanket lying on the sidewalk that had a collection of DVDs on it. Ranging from to comedy to sci-fi films, it was hard for me to avoid them. Growing up, the one thing I've been aware of when it came to DVDs was bootleg material. As much as I was a fan of them at first, horrible recordings of the last bootlegs I ever bought increased my disinterest in wanting to associate with that illegal world.

However, due to my temptation in looking at the clean, undamaged covers, it led me to the assumption that these DVDs were fine to buy at $1 each. So I did. I bought three DVDs for $3 and took them home along with my laundry.

I arrived at my apartment and put the movie in my laptop. Once it started playing, I became incredibly enraged by the fact that there in front of me was another bootleg video. My eyes was looking at low quality, dark screens, cameras moving back at forth. The true definition of a bootleg film. I tossed them away instantly and thought to myself "What a waste of $3."

So consider this a lesson to everyone. No matter how good they look, don't buy one dollar DVDs unless it comes from the store itself.

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earth22 said...

i'll keep that in mind