Tuesday, September 17, 2013

One Way To Save Laundry Money

This is something that I discovered that I believe would be very helpful for us living in New York.

One of the things that the majority of us do on Saturdays and Sundays is go out to the Laundromat. It took me time to adjust to this. I’m from New Orleans, Louisiana and we always had a laundry machine in our house. But now I’m currently do have even financial stability to buy my own laundry machine and dryer. I have to go to the Laundromat just like everyone else here in this city.

In order to always have money for laundry, I do this.

I for one hate having change in my wallet. It looks weird in my wallet and it feels uncomfortable when I’m putting it in my back pocket.  Whenever I spend cash and get change in return, I save them back in my apartment, so they could be ready within the next year to be cashed in.

When I collect the change I do another separation. I split the quarters from the rest of the change. Once that happens right in front of me is my laundry money. Since the Laundromat only accept quarters, there is no longer a need to turn cash into coins. I have the coins and I can resume with my laundry day.

This is something I recommend for people who hate having change in their wallet and also hate having to turn cash into coins when it comes to their laundry. Here is a solution I found that I believe could be very helpful to others.

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