Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Socialite Stories: The Zenbiz Trippin Travel Mixer

Last night, I had the honor of attending the The Zenbiz Trippin Travel Mixer, which was presented by the travel company Zenbiz Travel. I've always been a fan of this company and their events. It brings out the kid in me when it comes time to party.

I arrived at an event and felt well at home after encountering so many familiar faces. From Carmen Neely and Robert West of Harlem Pride to Doice John, an acquaintance of mine who just so happened to be hosting the show that night. Honestly, that was going to be my first time seeing my friend live for the second time. The last time was when I was part of the panel at a hosting event.

After talking and eating tortilla chips, the main event began. They had speakers such as Denella Ri'chard, Business Development Director of Norwegian Cruise Lines and Kier V.B. Matthews, CTIE -Vice President of Sales for Europe Express.

For someone likes me who has aspirations to travel, it was wonderful just standing there listening to the services, rooms, and accommodations that comes along with this cruise line. Makes me want to strongly consider looking into a variety of these services.

I was also laughing my face off to the woman that was hosting the show.Tammy Peay was a wonderful comedian and I know I love to laugh.

In the end, the whole event was lovely. I can't wait to attend the Zenbiz Travel event. I'll be another nerdy looking socialite dancing around like he lost his mind. Can't wait until then.

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