Monday, September 23, 2013

The First Week Is Always Hell

Using the services of Alkaline Guru and Eden on Earth has influenced me in a variety of ways. One of the most surprising things that I began doing is going to the gym in order to stay fit. My main goal when it comes to working out is to not have rock hard abs. I just want my muscles to hug my shirts and to remain consistent and stable.

Everyone has heard of that theory. One day, your body looks like a million bucks. The next week, you wake up in the morning and your stomach has a muffin top. Working out must be .

If you've been a consistent workout person, there's one thing that all of us are aware of that should be spoken to first timers. When it comes to the first week, expect your muscles to hurt like hell. Your body is at first not used to being worked out so much. All of these new regimes is putting it in a stock of shock, causing it to tighten up a little bit.

Reports like this proves that you are doing the right thing. Just be sure to stretch first and give yourself two days after the pain starts to occur. Once the first week in over your body will adapt to this new regime and everything will fall into place when it comes to working out.

The only thing you'll have to promise yourself that you will stay faithful to your plan and not give up. Once you stop, it'll be hard to get back up. The first week is only the beginning. If you can handle that, you will surely overcome the week after.

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