Monday, November 4, 2013

Does The True Writer Still Exist?

Before I decided to have a second career as a social media specialist, I thought I was going to live my entire life as a full time writer. I pictured myself going to write nothing but books, short stories, screenplays, and possibly songs for other music artists. That was my mind set after years of trying to build a success in other fields of the arts like acting, producing, and how-to guiding.

My whole perspective then changed when I began to receive a huge amount of success as a social media specialist in my hometown and the first four months I've lived in New York. I'm a heavy researcher who knows and have experienced a lot of things. That's how my tiny reputation as a self-help guru became reality. So I knew a lot about social media and how to use them. Suddenly, the need to have me manage the social media pages for my friends and other random people was very much in demand due to my expertise on it.

In the end, I wind up liking it and knew instantly that I wanted to make a career out of it. Not for the money but because I loved doing it.

I went out to lunch with a old acquaintance of mine. I'll call him Ralph. We talked about a variety of things. One of the topics was about our careers. He was a well established man in his late 30s and I was the new kid in New York still trying to create a life in the city personally, professionally, and financially. Before mentioning my aspirations for social media management, I bragged to Ralph about wanting to be a writer.

It didn't take Ralph long to interrupt me, for he is someone who looks at the whole picture. So for the next couple of minutes, Ralph began expressing to me that it'll be impossible for me nowadays to try and succeed as a full time writer.

"Everyone nowadays thinks they're a writer," said Ralph. "Everyone has a blog. Everyone has videos on YouTube. Everyone is trying to get noticed in some way. I know you are a great writer, but it's going to be difficult for you to prove that you're a true writer while in a crowd of people who shouldn't have anything published to begin with."

It's been months since that conversation and that one statement is deeply stuck in my head. I took to heart everything he's said, for I know he's telling the truth.

I do agree that there are some people who think that just because they created a blog and has written content that has attracted hundreds of people, they suddenly think they're a writer. I've studied the struggles for writers from centuries ago. Most people didn't believe that people could make a living from writing full time. My pure example for the full time writing struggle is by researching Edgar Allan Poe.

With that being said, people are naturally born with the gift of writing and they deserve to be recognized for it. I love being a writer and a social media specialist and I'll stand by writing all the time since it's been in my blood since the day I was born.

What I now know for sure is that it's going to be a tiny difficult to people to show that they are true writers in a world surrounded by certain people who doesn't deserve that title.

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