Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Need My/Your Charger!

I've officially became a member of the "I Need My/Your Charger" club. I didn't expect myself to be a part of this, but after having the same phone since the summer of 2013, I now know how half of America feels on a daily basis.

In the beginning, I bought this Android phone, which is the first touch screen phone I have ever owned. I've experienced the power of the touch screen by using other people's Androids and iPhone's, but I never had one to call my own due to a tiny fear of divorcing from the flip phone after seven years together. But I'm glad I did because life has gotten so much better for me.

Things were fine with my Android when it came to battery power. It could survive a 12, sometimes 20 hour period with no sweat at all. I was absolutely astounded at how much power it could contain. This was a good episode that only lasted for a couple of months.

One day, I found my charger getting ready to die after only six hours without it's charger. My eyes opened real wide and I had a business phone conference ready to happen within ten minutes. I ran over to my co-workers desk like a out of control cartoon character, and asked for his cell phone charger. He was generous enough to give it to me and I didn't miss my phone conference.

Ever since then, I've found myself needing to bring my cell phone charger everywhere. I'm happy for the fact that I have three. There is one for work. A second one for my apartment. The third is for the outside world like the mall or something. I've had good encounters with my third charger but I am always skeptical with what's going to happen if I can't find a place to charge my phone.

I began to self reflect and I now understand how everyone feels when it comes to charging their cell phones. I don't like that feeling, but this is our reality. Technology has become more advanced and dependable that it requires extra juice to stay alive. A iPhone, for example, needs more than just two hours in order to be fully charged. Charging your phones requires an overnight job, which is one of the reason why people can't wait to come home and go to bed. It's now a part of their midnight schedule.

I always have a charger with me but there is always  a 2% chance where I will need the help of someone else's.

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