Thursday, November 7, 2013

Stomach Problems From Supermarket Fruit

Once I did a complete body cleanse, I began to have full physical experiences on what food is real and what food has been "touched". When I expressed this to Alkaline Guru, he knew instantly what I was feeling, and gave me praise for getting a hands on experience regarding what he and everyone else continues to talk about regarding GMO products.

My first hand on experience was when I bought red plums from Whole Foods. I went grocery shopping to fill up my refrigerator with new things. Knowing how much of fan of fruit I am, I immediately walked over to the produce aisle with a empty basket at hand, ready to start filling it up with all kinds of fruit. The first things I grabbed were four plums, my second favorite fruit in the world. The first being red grapes.

I bought the plums and immediately began eating while on the train ride to my apartment. Once I got on the train, I found myself grabbing onto my stomach for dear life. It was as if the stomach acid in my body expanded and it became more hungry for my flesh. I had a cramp that hurt so much, I got my knees ready to pant. The cramps worsened so much, a pregnant woman on the train gave up her seat for me.

That's how horrible I felt.

This was my first time experiencing what happens when a healthy, fully cleansed person, consumed a item that was GMO produced. Ever since then, I've purchased fruits from markets at street fairs instead of going to supermarkets. With that decision, I've met with actual farmers telling me how long the fruit has been harvested and how companies genetically modify their products.

It was a interesting eye opener for me. I don't know if anyone had similar stories.

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