Friday, November 22, 2013

The New Guy In The Established Friendship Circle

When it comes to friendships some people are given the amazing opportunity in life to be friends with the same people that they've known for years. Whether meeting friends from high school or college, these groups of people have created a circle that has lasted for years. For the average individual, its a miracle to have a friendship that lasted nowadays for over a decade.

But all people don't go through friendship related experiences like that. There are some people that have to meet their possible friendships by walking into an already established friendship circle.

That is a recurring event that I've been experiencing lately.

I'm no longer in contact with my high school friends because we have gone our separate lives into adulthood. I'm just entering college. So I don't have those close college people yet. I've taken the personal out the business relationships I've developed with the people I work with. I have turned into one of those people who always happens to be friends with people who already has created their own group of friends.

I used to have that dream that when it comes to friendships, there was only going to four or five of us together for the rest of our lives. We do have acquaintance, but at the end of the day, when it comes to guys night out, it was just going to be the five of us all together.

That ain't the case nowadays. The thing that we experience now is meeting someone who has a group of friends, who themselves have a group of friends. This is the reality that some of us face.

I got a large realization when I visited my friends on the set of a web series. I always like my friend and his energy. So you do have those expectations that the two of you and a few other people are going to be friends forever. But then I saw him with his friends and I realized he already had an established friendship. Every single one of them have known each other for years, and I was just this new guy that popped up out of nowhere.

It took me time to realize this, but I've learned to accept that this is the reality about some friendships. We either have those friends we've had for life or we have friends with a group on the side.

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