Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Toast To 2014

I thought I wasn't going to publish anything new until next year, but I'm in the holiday spirit. So I am writing this post for everyone. I'm glad no one that knows me can see me right now. My face currently has that winter look. You guys know what I'm talking about. You're so occupied with wanting to stay warm and inside during winter season that your upcoming hair appointments doesn't become the topic of discussion anymore. So right now, my hair is wild and everywhere from my head to my face.

My barber is going to get quite the phone call from me.

Words cannot express how much I'm excited for the New Year. 2013 has been the most challenging year of my life when it comes to independence.

Even though people knew who I was socially, I was still a struggling artist, who was trying to show people my talent more than just showing that I was a pretty face. I had to learn that some friendships were only supposed to last for a season, and that you shouldn't get too attached when they disappear from your lives. I was self-absorbed and caught up in so pride that it led me to a lot of difficult situations because I refused to ask for help. I was enabled by people to change who I was a person in order to get recognized by people, who would look the other way because I wasn't a physical representation of what was hot and new.

My biggest revelation was right after my 22nd birthday back in September.

I was accepted into college. I moved into my new apartment following traditional paperwork standards. When I was the editor-in-chief of Gay Men of African Descent's online newsletter, people praised me for being original and stepping out of the box in a non-provocative way. My writings on Roque's Reality were viewed by hundreds of people a day. I began to not be afraid of my voice and understanding that my voice matters just like everyone else. This all happened because of one thing. Just being me and not portraying something else.

I'm so excited for the 2014. I'm going to college for the first time. I have deals with editors of magazines and websites to write original pieces for them. Roque's Reality is going live with new material as a lifestyle website. I have a new direction on life. It's kind of like an evolution and a revolution all at the time.

The beauty about New York City is that it's fast life can cause you to grow up faster while still keeping your youth. I know I'm mature, but I am far from being grown. I am going to live out my twenties until their gone. Let's have fun and enjoy the New Year.

Don't forget to write your resolutions. I know I am. Happy New Year everyone!

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